Camp Competition Week 4

As announced earlier in the week, we decided to do one more weekly check-in! We thought everyone would appreciate an extra week of prizes before we announce the final results. Some final reminders for the rest of the competition:

  • Prizes for this week are starting to be awarded TODAY! It may take a while for everyone to receive their prizes, so please wait a few days before e-mailing about Week 4 prizes.
  • Water Balloons and Flags will leave the map at August 9 at 23:59 MHQ.
    • You can check CuppaZee’s Camps Leaderboard to track your camp’s performance until this time. Then, the leaderboard will be closed as it needs some time to catch up with all the capture data and finish calculating all the point values.
  • Final results will be announced on August 11. These results will take the ENTIRE competition period into account, not just the period after this check-in.

Now that we’ve got all of that out the way, it’s time to announce the results for the past week! Congratulations to Camp FrEEZ for keeping its place at the top!

We’d also like to congratulate Camp QRantine for attaining the 2nd Place spot! It’s been a pretty fierce competition so we’re excited to see how it all turns out next week! Just a few more days to get your captures in!

Lastly, as this competition draws to a close, you might want a souvenir to commemorate the fun times that were had. Pick one up in the Camp Munzee Collection HERE! Among all the camp gear, you’ll also find our newest furry friend!

Munzee on!