Birthday presents arrive and Clan War begins

On the eve of America’s independence, we continue to celebrate our #FiestaThree birthday here at Munzee. Whether you’re in the states or across the world, we’d like to extend a chance to celebrate Munzee’s birthday! So in between the hot dogs and fireworks this weekend you should take some time to cap and deploy. Even though it’s our birthday we want our players to get the presents, so here’s what you have a chance to win today:

  • 3 Mystery Virtuals
  • 1 Blast Capture
  • 1 Ruby

GemRuby_128For those that have been paying attention to the blog, the announcement of the ruby may not come as too much of a surprise, but what exactly that stone is will be news to all. The ruby is the birthstone of July, so it’s only fitting we would announce a new family jewel for our birthday. Much like a diamond, the ruby munzee gives players and owners a split between points when captured. In connection to our third birthday, players who cap a ruby will earn a random split of 33 points with the owner of the munzee.

The presents will be awarded to random captures throughout the day beginning aroundΒ 9AM (MHQ time)Β TODAY ONLY, so the best way to strengthen your chance is to get out and capture all day! If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even earn more than one! Clan Wars begin today as well, so this should be an added incentive to play today. Birthday celebrations are just beginning, so keep checking back so you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything.