April Showers

The weather at MHQ this weekend gave us a nice lead in to our next special. (It rained. A lot.)

April is known for its showers bringing something in May. There’s time for those later, though 😉 . We decided to just accept and, ultimately, celebrate all the rain we’ve been having. We’re happy to introduce our April Showers special!

From 00:01 MHQ Time on April 18th through 23:59 MHQ Time on April 30th, there will be 2016 raindrop icons on the map. These icons will bounce on greenies every 12 hours or when capped. The capper will earn 20 points for capture of a raindrop, and the owner of the host Munzee will earn 16 points.

Don’t let the rain get you down this April. Get out and capture it! Munzee on!raindrop_icon2