Another Message from Louise

This week I have hit 2 very important milestones; I have been working for Munzee for 1 year, and I have managed over 500 events. Thank you to all my hosts, you’re certainly keeping me busy!

I’m really excited about MunzFit events starting next week. It’s not too late to join in, get them on the calendar and get involved! I have a fabulous host badge available too:


All the events you host go towards your tally for the multiple host badges and guess what? I now have 15 and 20 times host badges available, I wonder who will be first to get them?

Something else to be excited about are some updates for events. Following on from the MunzFit events we are launching a new type of event account and a new special for you – the Event Pin!

preview-full-event pin

These Event Pins will be on a separate layer (similar to Flat Robs) and are reactive to other Event Pins (minimum proximity 50ft),  but not to other munzees on the map or the event account if proximity restrictions have been lifted on it.
There will be 100 Event Pins in each event account, hosts don’t have to use them all but can if they wish. If the event has a customised icon it will replace the Event Pin icon. They are worth 5 points to capture and replace greenies in the event accounts.

There will be no limit on what else goes into the event accounts e.g. MVMs and Virtuals. There are also new offerings for temporary placement e.g. Diamonds and Amethysts . New prizes available too e.g. Flat Robs and Virtual Resorts. Details of everything available and prices are listed here ( and are emailed automatically to hosts with their calendar link when their event gets listed on the calendar.

Hosts can also now see their event’s deployed munzees on the map ahead of the go live time as long as they are logged in on the event account. This should make the deploying process easier.

Looking further ahead to July we will be inviting you all to celebrate our 5th Birthday with us by hosting your own Birthday Parties throughout the month. Details on the packages available will be released next week.

In the meantime, thank you for your support and Munzee On!