Android Framework Issues

This post only applies to Android users, not iOS users.

There is a general issue with the new Google Play Services version that has been pushed to some Android devices lately. Google Play Services is the background framework on Android and is responsible for internal workings such as Google Maps. This issue has resulted in two errors in the Munzee app:

  1. White squares on the map
  2. Shifted pins on the map with correct proximity circles.

preview-full-2016-05-16 11.56.18

This issue does not affect all users, and pins on the deploy/pin placement map ARE NOT affected. If you notice the white square icon problem, you can try the refresh button or select that munzee to see the correct icon in the munzee details banner.

The issues have been reported to Google, and we hope an updated Google Play Services will be pushed out shortly.

Thank you for your understanding, and Munzee on!