A Dozen Leprechauns Escaped!

We knew from the beginning that Leprechauns were mischievous. We thought we had them contained, but we were wrong. During the sale of them on Tuesday, it seems 12 of the Leprechauns escaped from our corral. Our team was on it, though, and recaptured them. We obviously want them to have a nice owner to go home to, so we’ve decided to give them away!

We’ll be holding a competition between 17:00 MHQ Time today (March 3rd) and 17:00 MHQ Time on Monday, March 7th. To be entered, you must earn a minimum 1700 points during this time span. From those who qualify, we will pick 12 winners randomly.

If you already have a Leprechaun, you are NOT eligible for this competition. We want to spread them out fairly to those who were unable to buy one. You ARE eligible if you already have a Unicorn, though.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 8th at 10:00 here on the blog and on social media.

Good luck!