A Consolation Skin For the Unlucky

When developing the Jukebox specials, we wanted to mimic the real-life phenomenon of rickrolling (aka “Rick Rolling”) by giving the records a chance to change into the Rob AstZee – Never Gonna Give Lou Up record upon capture.

While we were sure that you’d find the joke hilarious at first, we were also concerned that after a certain point it would annoy rather than amuse. To thank you in advance for your patience, we created a special skin that is sure to be on everyone’s wishlist!

Rob AstZee Skin

As mentioned in the capture message, after being Rob Rolled 100 times, you will receive a special badge (the one in the 3rd line mentioned in the previous blog post) AND a special Fancy Flat Rob skin!

Rob AstZee
Landing Pads

If you don’t already own a Fancy Flat Rob (Beach Flat Rob, Cold Flat Rob, OR Tux Flat Rob), but are still interested in using this skin, you can shop the Tux Flat Rob HERE! We’ve also upped the limit on the amount you can own to 2, just in case you’d like to have both the Tux Flat Rob AND Rob AstZee bouncing around on the map. However, please note that as mentioned at the start of this paragraph, you can use ANY Fancy Flat Rob to switch to this skin.

For more information on Skins, you can check out our Help Guide articles HERE and HERE.

Munzee on!

*Green-Colored Virtuals include:

  • Virtual Sea Green
  • Virtual Granny Smith Apple
  • Virtual Green
  • Virtual Forest Green
  • Virtual Asparagus
  • Virtual Olive Green
  • Virtual Yellow Green
  • Virtual Green Yellow
  • Virtual Spring Green