2021 Yearly Leaderboard Badges!

At first glance, Munzee seems like a pretty simple game. Scan physical munzees to get points. Tap on virtual munzees to get even more points. There are different types of physical munzees and different types of virtual munzees that award you with varying numbers of points. Simple, right?

What’s not so simple is how to stay on top of all the numerous active players! While more established players do have an advantage in terms of deployed munzees (rake in those CapOn points!), they face difficulties in finding munzees to cap, especially if they are active in Clan Wars! Taking advantage of special ZEE-Dayz, attending Munzee Events, and other strategies are necessary to maintain or improve their ranking.

We started this badge line in 2019 to recognize the hard work (and play!) from those on top. After living through another difficult year due to the pandemic, we are always looking for reasons to celebrate. Continuing the tradition, we would like to recognize the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on the overall yearly leaderboard for 2021! These accomplished players are, as follows:

  1. dt07751
  2. humbird7
  3. hunniees

Congratulations to dt07751 for taking home the top spot this time! As the reigning King of Munzee, he’s consistently been somewhere at the top of the leaderboard over the years. But while he makes it look easy — to the point where it feels like a given that he’s at the top — nothing could be further from the truth. It takes constant munzee-ing to beat out humbird7, hunniees, and the rest of the players at the top!

We hope this year will remain Munzee-filled for these three, and that everyone else reaches for the stars — after all, this could be you next year!

Munzee On!