10th Birthday Mailbox Guide

As with the VCCC, we’ll post each day at 00:00 MHQ on our social media channels (FB | TWTR | IG) whenever we’ve got something special waiting for you in your 10th Birthday Mailbox, but we’ll also try to keep this blog post updated as well! Please keep in mind that this blog post may not immediately have the latest info as we cannot pre-schedule blog post updates and most of the staff is not awake ? at 00:00 MHQ, but we’ll do so as soon as we can!

10th Birthday Greeting Cards

Special Bonus Days

Celebrate In Style!

We’ve also put together a collection of Munzee 10th Birthday gear so you can dress like King Midas! Alongside the new Universal you can dress for success by checking out the whole collection in the FT Online Store HERE!

Munzee on!