Flat Friends Party and New Personal Tag Design!

We’ve officially made it halfway through a Pintastic week at MHQ, but in case you missed it we have other reasons to celebrate! Matt (the real one) reached his 5 year Munzee milestone yesterday, so Flat Matt decided to celebrate by hitting the map today and offering 25-percent off on all Flat Matt purchases until 23:59 MHQ time tonight (5/8)!

If you’re looking for some more good news, remember that Sapphires are now available in the online store in packs of five (5). You can pick yours up today for $25 and earn PinPoints for your purchase, or redeem some hard-earned PinPoints for this prize in the PinPoints store. Just a reminder that if you’re still waiting for your PinPoints to show up, it might take a little while if you just created your account. You also may not have completed the entire enroll and link process. Be sure to read through the PinPoints Help Guide to learn more!

In celebration of all of our fabulous Flat Friends and the stunning Sapphire, we’ve put together a new Family Jewels personal tag design, now available in the Freeze Tag Online Store. Featuring all four Flat Friends (who are just like family) this tag is a must have for all jewel collectors.

Lastly, to keep his anniversary rocking on Flat Matt has decided to invite all of his Flat Friends to join in on the fun later this month!  Since the Flat Friends decided to all be on the map for Geowoodstock from May 24 at 00:01 MHQ time until May 27 at 23:59 MHQ time, May 25 seemed like the perfect time to throw a Flat Friends party! You can enjoy DOUBLE points on all activity for ALL four Flat Friends from 00:01 to 23:59 MHQ time on May 25!

There’s lots going on and this May is certain to be an absolute blast!

Munzee on!