Munzee 3.0 Beta Testing

We are excited to start the process of publicly testing Munzee 3.0. It has been a long road so far, but we are very excited to be at the point for our players to start testing it out. It is a complete rewrite of the app for both iOS and Android, and it should be great for new users along with seasoned veterans of the Munzee game.

We are going to use HockeyApp to ensure that distribution of the app is handled properly. To apply to be a beta tester, please click the link below to start the process. You MUST create a HockeyApp account (which is different than your Munzee account).

iOS –
Android –

The goal is to have the first beta sent to the approved beta testers on July 9th. You will have until July 14th to use Munzee 3.0. Once that period is over, the app will no longer work, and we are going to take ALL of your Feedback to make the app even better. We will have a second and maybe third round of tests to ensure that we make the best possible Munzee app.

On July 9th, we will also launch a way to handle all the feedback. There will be more information about that date. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! THIS IS THE POINT OF BEING A BETA TESTER!

Thank you for playing Munzee and we can’t wait for you to start trying out Munzee 3.0!