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March 24, 2021

Forge Weapon Shards into Something Nameworthy!

After last month’s success with Jewel Shards and their spotlight this month during Jewel Day, we wanted to keep the momentum going and create another shard type! In our quest to create more flexible systems for our players so that they can play their way, we decided that Clan Weapons would be the next priority.

If you’re a new player, you may not have many Clan Weapons yet — but keep reading so that you’re prepared for the future! Otherwise, if you’re an experienced player, you may have an overstock of specific Clan Weapon Credits. You’ll be able to choose if you want to redeem some of your Clan Weapon Credits for Weapon Shards. If you do, you’ll be able to use those Weapon Shards to create new Clan Weapons of your choosing. For example, you may have tons of Maces stored up from past Clan War rewards and have no plans on using them. Now you have the option of breaking some of those Maces into Weapon Shards and using them to get The Hammer. The choice will be yours within the options given.

Don’t worry if you have any Clan Weapon Credits saved up — those will remain. Please also note that only Credits can be converted to Weapon Shards — meaning existing Crossbows and Catapults cannot be converted. However, you will be able to convert Weapon Shards to any of the 6 weapons. Moving forward, Clan Wars will award Weapon Shards instead of specific weapons. Of course, not all Weapons are created equal, so different amounts of Weapon Shards are required to convert to each Clan Weapon type.

You’ll find all the details and conversion rates at These rewards/rates may change from time to time, and the Trojan Unicorn may even be found. Remember it is archived at the end of each clan war, so choose your timing wisely!

While Weapon Shards are currently only available as trading elements online or Clan War rewards, who knows what the future holds? Perhaps you’ll be able to forge something new? Only time will tell!

Munzee on!

April 28, 2017

Coinz Of The Month, Evolution Coin, Re-released Coinz and Flat Robs!

April isn’t over yet- Coinz are on sale NOW!

We apologize for the delay on this month’s Coinz of The Month set, our move to the new office slowed down the shipping process a bit. This month’s coinz feature The Sillyman from our 2015 April Fool’s special as well a cool Earth Day planted tree design. Remember that COTM are $15 for a set of two coinz and are limited to one per player. If you missed out on last month’s COTM we still have a few sets available as well! You can buy both sets HERE. 


We’re also excited to release a new Evolution Munzee coin which is perfect for tracking your Evo captures. The Evolution Munzee Coin is for sale for $10 and you can buy one HERE.

The coinz keep on coming! We’re pleased to re-release our first set of Munzee Coinz: The Longsword, Greenie and Flat Rob! These were released in very limited quantity last year so we’re happy to restock for those that missed out. The Longsword, Greenie and Flat Rob coins are $10 a piece and you can buy those HERE.

Speaking of our favorite flat fella… CZeeO Rob Vardeman is out of town so Flat Robs are on the map NOW until Sunday at 23:59 MHQ. We also have Flat Robs for sale in the store for the weekend so stock up and deploy while you can!  Flat Robs a $5 each and you can buy those HERE. 

Please note that since it is Friday we won’t have anyone in the office for the weekend, so Coinz shipments won’t go out until Monday. We appreciate your understanding and we hope you’re as excited as we are for all the coinz craziness!

Munzee on!

January 27, 2015

February 2015 Clan Requirements… with a twist.

This month’s Clan Requirements have kicked the new year up a notch. The focus for February is mysteries, so prepare for war. Also, as this is a New Year, we’ve decided to take a New Perspective for Clan Wars. Starting from February, we’ll reward the TOP 3 players in each full clan. So it’s no longer just a competition between clans, but also in-clan. We want our players to push their clan forward, but also promote a little friendly rivalry within the clans. The top 3 players in each clan will be rewarded after the round has finished- so the winners of February will be receive their prizes in March for the first time.

Individual Rewards:

  • #1 gets a battle axe
  • #2 gets a longsword
  • #3 gets a mace munzee. 

February Clan Requirements:

capture 25 greenies
capture 2 mystery virtuals (colors do count)
400 total points per player
clan total points min. 6,000
Rewards: 1 virtual, 1 virtual color

capture 40 greenies
capture 10 mystery virtuals (colors do count)
900 total points per player
deploy 3 munzees
clan total points min. 10,000
Rewards: 1 virtual, 2 maces, 1 virtual color

capture 60 greenies
capture 10 mystery virtuals (colors do count)
capture 5 regular mystery munzees
2,200 total points per player
deploy 5 munzees
clan total points min. 28,000
Rewards: 1 longsword, 1 mystery virtual, 1 diamond, 2 virtual colors

capture 120 greenies
capture 20 mystery virtuals (colors do count)
capture 15 regular mystery munzees
6,000 total points per player
deploy 10 munzees
clan total points min. 70,000
Rewards: 1 battle axe, 3 longswords, 1 motel, 2 virtual colors

capture 300 greenies
capture 30 mystery virtuals (colors do count)
capture 25 regular mystery munzees
15,000 total points per player
deploy 25 munzees
clan total points min. 180,000
Rewards: 2 battle axe, 3 mace, 1 motel, 1 virtual, 1 ruby, 3 virtual colors