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December 13, 2018

2018 Most Christmassy Attendee Gallery!

We’re excited to show off our 2018 “Most Christmassy Attendee” gallery! Below are winners from events that hosts chose or players voted on. We’ll be updating the gallery as more events happen throughout the month. Merry Christmas!

December 7, 2017

2017 Dodgy Jumper Gallery!

Our 2017 Dodgy Jumper Competition has begun, and we’ve had some great submissions so far! Below are winners from events that hosts chose or players voted on. (We may also add some honorable mentions, such as hosts who couldn’t win.) We’ll be updating the gallery as more events happen!

December 6, 2016

2016 Dodgy Jumper Competition

We’re back this year with our Dodgy Jumper Competitions, and they’ve been great so far! Below are winners from events that hosts chose or players voted on. (We may also add some honorable mentions, such as hosts who couldn’t win.) We’ll be updating the gallery as more events happen!

December 1, 2016

Christmas Parties Are About to Begin!

‘Twas the month of December and planning was in full swing.
Holiday parties were starting, which made Louise sing.

The events were lined out, on the calendar for all to see.
If yours isn’t on there, submit it so others can join in on the glee.

Dodgy Jumpers were dusted off for their yearly wear.
The dodgiest of all earn a special badge for their flair.
Remember Hosts, to submit your best.
We want to award the winners who show the most fest.

Santa’s Sack was loaded to the brim with prizes,
For Hosts it’s just an extra $20 for rewards of all sizes.
It’s never too late to add in this present,
Just email Louise, because it’s money well spent.

So as we begin this glorious time of year,
Here’s a little sneak peak of a badge-worthy reindeer!

TRANSCRIPT (for those not rhyming inclined)

It’s December, let’s get the parties started!
We are so excited to see all the events on the calendar, we hope you’re all getting your Dodgy Jumpers ready!

Hosts please remember to submit your winner with their username and photo to Louise after the event and both the winner and the hosts will get the Dodgy Jumper 2016 badge.

We’re excited for you to see the prizes in Santa’s Sack too. Most events have that added extra ($20), but if you don’t and you’d like it please contact Louise.

It’s not too late to get your event on the calendar either: Just submit your event on!

Here (see above) is a sneaky preview of the Attendee badge that you will all get if you go to a Christmas Party this month!

Munzee on, and have fun!

Thank you,


Louise x

November 8, 2016

Reminder: Deadline for Christmas Party Artwork

November is flying by, and we’re got a lot of fun specials and events coming up, including Christmas Parties! The Munzee Calendar is filling up with Christmas Parties around the world! If you still haven’t planned yours, you still have time! Check out Louise’s blog post regarding the different event packages, put your event on the calendar, and start planning!

Please keep in mind: the deadline for Christmas Party artwork is THIS FRIDAY. Starting Saturday, November 12th, only generic artwork will be available for badges and icons. If you’re ready to submit artwork or would like more information, please email!

Munzee on!

October 31, 2016

Deadline for Christmas Party Artwork

The planning stages for Christmas Parties are in full swing, and Louise and Trish are hard at work getting everything ready. We want everyone to be able to have the artwork they want for their events, but we do need to provide ample time for completion.

For events during the first weekend of December, art requests must be submitted by Friday, November 4th at 23:59 MHQ time. For all other Christmas Parties, requests must be submitted no later than Friday, November 11th at 23:59 MHQ time. You can submit these requests by contacting after you’ve submitted your event to the calendar. Following that date, only generic artwork options will be available for badges and icons. All packages will still be available.

Don’t miss out on getting custom artwork for your Christmas Party! We’re excited to see all of the great designs Trish makes for you!

Munzee on!

December 15, 2015

Christmas Parties Are In Full Swing!

We’re halfway through the month of December, and the Munzee Christmas Parties are in full swing! Rob, Matt, Louise, Daniel Hammock, and Daniel Fischer have all attended events already this month! Matt will also be attending the Metro Vancouver Post Holiday Cap’ing event on December 27th, and he’s excited!

In less than two weeks, 1140 players have capped the Father Christmas special, and we have another 17 events happening worldwide in the next 7 days! We can’t wait to see the outcome of them! Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, the Dodgy Jumper gallery is live! We’re adding more images as we get them, so check it out!

These events have given us some crazy capture numbers, too! Matt stopped by the office around 3PM MHQ time on Saturday, and there were over 103,000 captures! We want to thank everyone who has hosted and/or attended an event for growing the game!

December 8, 2015

Dodgy Jumpers!

The Dodgy Jumper competitions have been great! Below are winners from events that hosts chose or players voted on. We’ll be updating the gallery as more events happen!

December 1, 2015

The Christmas Parties Are Beginning!

So here we are, it’s December! The Munzee Christmas Parties start tomorrow. We are very excited about everything planned. What a fantastic Munzee Community we have. There are 24 events just in the next 7 days! Don’t forget to check the calendar at to see if there is one near you! If there isn’t, don’t worry, it’s not too late to host one yourself. Add it to the calendar or contact me directly at if you are having difficulties.

I have some important information relating to some of the features of the Christmas Parties, these two points are for all attendees to all parties:

  • Be sure to capture the Event Indicator Munzee at the event you attend. Your host has the code. This not only gives you the Event Indicator special icon, it will also give you the Christmas Party Attendee badge and a little surprise from Father Christmas.
  • Be sure to wear your best festive gear if you would like a chance at winning the Dodgy Jumper competition. Hosts will be submitting a player name and photo after the event. That player and the hosts will get the Dodgy Jumper badge. Hosts: just because you will be getting the badge for nominating someone else doesn’t mean you don’t have to make an effort!

Most events have taken the Lucky Dip option. This is a $20 add on that turns a specified Munzee into a magic Munzee that gives a credit item from the past, present or future every time it is capped. If you would like to add this to your event, please let me know ASAP.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your support with events. Your enthusiasm and efforts involved in them as hosts and attendees is fantastic and I look forward to growing the game, the map and the community even more with you all. Have a wonderful time this month and I can’t wait to hear all about it and see all those dodgy pictures!!

Cheers and Merry Christmas, Louise x