Post from the Prez

Howdy everyone! I want to take a minute to let you know about a few things in the works here at MHQ. We are excited about July and the things ahead in the next few months.

First, a heartfelt thanks to those of you who joined us in Denver for our birthday celebration. Geowoodstock and the surrounding events were amazing. It was great to see over 2000 like-minded people enjoy geo-games in the same place. Those in attendance were the first to earn the “Shindig” badge for 150+ attendees at a single event. I made some great memories with old friends and new. I witnessed a beautiful sunrise at Red Rocks and played frisbee while enjoying a sunset at Clement Park. In between, I walked countless miles and loved seeing the countless smiles on the faces of each player I interacted with. So again, thank you for joining us.

Next, the team is very excited about the number of birthday party events going on around the world during this month. July is important to us because it is the month we celebrate our birthday, and this year WE ARE FIVE! We wish we could attend every event, but it’s just not possible so we’ve sent Flat Rob instead. Please check the calendar for events near you! *Behind the scenes info: the calendar is currently getting a makeover and we know you are going to love it!

Additionally, this year we are working hard to build the Munzee community globally. We are using resources to spread the word about Munzee and see that you are clearly doing the same. Throughout this process we continue to improve communication with brand new players. If you notice any in your area we encourage you to reach out to them via messenger and offer support as needed. This will encourage them to join you and grow the map!

Finally, as part of our community building we are also working hard to refresh the game. We may be five, but sadly some of our early players are no longer active. In June we activated the “recycle” icon, with much great feedback about how it helped your local area. While this won’t remain a permanent fixture you can rest assured this wasn’t the only time you will see this icon. In that line, we are also introducing two new titles into the game. Players who have not captured or deployed in the last 180 days will be given a “dormant” title. Players who have not captured or deployed in the last 365 days will be given an “inactive” title. These titles will be checked and updated daily, so a player can remove the title by simply capping or deploying again. While a player account has either of these titles it will change several rules for their account. The first being a faster archival process for physical munzees they have deployed. If a physical munzee owned by one of these accounts has TWO “Needs Repair” or “Unable to Locate” journal entries added it will automatically archive the Munzee. This is only step one in our efforts to refresh the map based on older “inactive” accounts. We will always leave the account open for players to return, but want to keep things fresh for new players. Stay tuned for more info on the next step soon.

As always, we truly appreciate each of you and know our community is what makes Munzee what it is. We are the 21st Century Scavenger Hunt only because you play and you spread your love for the game. Keep doing what you do to build the community, and we will do our very best to give you every tool you need to keep it fresh and fun! See you down the road! Munzee On!  — Rob Vardeman — President and CZO