Podcast Episode 25: Back to the West Coast, Marketplace Opening Anticipation, and MHQ Bash

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about Rob’s travel plans, updates on the Marketplace and hint at some things to come.

This week in the Munzee Podcast, we talk about:

  1. Rob’s trip to Seattle, where Matt just got back from.
  2. The Munzee Marketplace is finishing up, and it’s looking good.
  3. The MHQ Bash is the weekend of September 26th. It will coincide with McKinney’s Oktoberfest and we’ve got a ton planned.
  4. We’ve got big plans for the Podcast and we hope to start videocasting and answering live-tweets when we record.
  5. Finally, we’re working on the servers on Wednesday, So DO NOT FREAK OUT if something seems off. Hopefully it will be seamless and you guys won’t even notice.

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