Podcast Episode 21: Crazy Captures, Candy and THE Cup. Hey Omi, can you spell iCup?

In this episode of the podcast, CoachV shares his saddening World Cup viewing experience (or lack thereof), LeftOvers4Dinner learns about the Texas sun the hard way and Dylan sings Munzee happy birthday.

This week’s topics:

1. LeftOvers4Dinner reads exactly what’s on the screen.

2. Triple Points, Sunscreen, and very, very, sad Rob in a Germany jersey.

3. Germans, prep your Munzee Trails, we’re sending CoachV to come celebrate the World Cup win!

4. AN OBVIOUS HINT: Check the Munzee store frequently over the next day. You’ll be 3x happier that you did. store.munzee.com.

5. #FiestaThree – Celebrate with Piñata special captures and earn one of three special icons very time you cap a Piñata.

6. Be sure to visit munzee.com/announcements and blog.munzee.com for updates. Send feedback, suggestions, and stories to podcast@munzee.com.

*As Rob mentions in this week’s episode, things said on the podcast are subject to change and updates to our Birthday celebration, sales and other special activities will officially be posted on the blog and social pages.

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