July 18, 2024

✨ August 2024 Triple Point Weekend ✨

Calling all Premium Members! Prepare yourselves for a spellbinding surprise this August! From the stroke of midnight on Friday, August 9th (00:01 MHQ) to the final enchanted moment on Sunday, August 11th (23:59 MHQ), our beloved unicorn Cappy is bestowing a TRIPLE Points Extravaganza on ALL Munzee types!

Don’t miss out on this enchanted opportunity to triple your points! This special bonus is only for Premium Members*, so if you haven’t joined upgraded yet, sign up HERE and let the magic unfold!

Triple Point Weekend – PREMIUM ONLY

Dates Triple Points ON
Fri, August 9th at 00:01 MHQ – Sun, August 11th at 23:59 MHQ ALL MUNZEE TYPES 

Ready your wands, saddle up your unicorns, and get ready for a weekend of mystical Munzee madness! Stock up NOW to prepare for this enchanted triple point weekend HERE!


*This bonus will not be available for trial Premium accounts, so fully upgrade your account to take advantage of 3x points.

July 12, 2024

🍽️ Chow Down With The Festival Feast Mailbox 📬

The New Dawn Festival is here and you’ve been invited to take part in a 13 course meal delivered right to your seat. Prepare for delicious delicacies inspired by the magical Myths that roam the realm with the all new Festival Feast Mailbox! Don’t worry, no Myths have been harmed in the making of this meal. The jousters though… that’s another story!

This ALL NEW Mailbox is available to purchase NOW and features 13 days of caps, prizes, bonus gifts, the White KNi6HT Mech, and more!

Get yours NOW in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

Medieval Meal Delivery!

If you want to make the most of the New Dawn Festival you’ll need a Festival Feast Mailbox Munzee to satisfy your appetite! This MEALbox is serving up a 13 course meal fit for a king, and our trusted servers servants will deliver virtual items daily to Mailbox owners starting on Friday, July 19th, 2024. Don’t waste any time though you’ll be able to start earning daily points as soon as you deploy it.

Festival Feast Mailbox
  • Deploy: 100
  • Capture: 10

How the Festival Feast Mailbox Works

Starting Friday, July 19th, 2024 at 00:01 MHQ, each day you cap your Festival Feast Mailbox you will be awarded a different enchanted delicacy themed Greeting Card capture, similar to the other mailboxes. Please note that you’ll only be able to earn that specific card on that day, so you really don’t want to miss a day. Once you cap that card you’ll earn points, and you may also get some extra prizes! To learn more about Mailboxes visit the Munzee Help Guide HERE!

The Festival Feast Mailbox is available for $13 and includes the following:

  • 1 Festival Feast Mailbox Munzee to deploy and move around anywhere at anytime!
  • 1 Daily Capture of the mailbox each MHQ day starting on July 12th or when first deployed, which should help with keeping up your streaks!
  • 13 Mailbox Prize Days starting on July 19th and ending on July 31st, which will deliver the goodies below when captured, including Cards, Zeds, Munzees to deploy and more!
  • 13 Themed Greeting Cards (PLUS 1 BONUS CARD) to both CAPTURE and DEPLOY!
  • 1 White KNi6HT Mech deployed when capturing the mailbox on July 19th
  • Exclusive access to TRIPLE Point Events
  • This mailbox will archive on August 1, 2024

If you’re interested, you can purchase it in the FT Store! You will still be able to purchase the mailbox after it begins, but you won’t be able to earn rewards from the days that have passed. We suggest purchasing your mailbox as soon as possible to start learning the mysteries it beholds!

Triple Point Weekend Events

For the first time ever, this mailbox will feature TRIPLE point weekend events! Don’t miss out on the chance to feast on all the extra points!

  • Friday, July 19th to Sunday, July 21st
    • TRIPLE points on all Cards, Flats, Greenies, Resellers, and Mechz
  • Friday, July 26th to Sunday, July 28th
    • TRIPLE points on all Cards, Flats, Greenies, Mysteries, and Scattered Types

White KNi6HT Mech

What’s a Festival Feast without dinner AND a show? Jousting is the name of the game and Mailbox owners have the finest champion in the land to cheer on! Like the other Munzee Mechz, White KNi6HT is a temporary POB. White KNi6HT will remain on the map until it has been captured 5 times, as you can see below. You will receive a fully-built White KNi6HT that will auto-deploy on your account when you capture your Mailbox on July 19th. You will also receive the Blueprint to rebuild it when you have earned enough Cogs in the future. It will cost 7 Cogs to rebuild this mech.

White KNi6HT
  • Deploy: 500
  • Capture: 250
  • CapOn: 100
  • Splintered (Crushed) Capture: 500
  • Splintered (Crushed) CapOn: 100-150
Landing Pads

You can find these KNi6HTs of the Runed Table at the landing pads above every 6 hours or when captured.

White KNi6HT will be available for multi-capture. That means players can capture a White KNi6HT on their own munzees, any previously captured munzees, and more than once if the same White KNi6HT visits you. White KNi6HT is non-blastable. It will be attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets. You can access it by turning on your “All Expiring Specials” filter.

When a White KNi6HT is captured, it will scatter up to 3 King JOUST3Rs.

  • Capture: 50
  • CapOn: 25-35

These scatters will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Mech owner’s account. They expire after 120 minutes and have a capture radius of 300 feet. These scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.


There are a variety of badge lines associated with this Mailbox, so look forward to earning even more as the month progresses!

  • Festival Feast Mailbox Deploy Badge — deploying a Festival Feast Mailbox will earn you a special badge that you can see below.
  • Festival Feast Mailbox Card Capture Badges — capture at least 1 of each unique Festival Feast Mailbox card! We’ll keep what these look like a secret for now.
  • White KNi6HT Badges — deploying a White KNi6HT mech will earn you the corresponding Blueprint badge that you can also see below. There is also a unique badge for capturing this fighter, so keep your eyes peeled for any oncoming attacks!

Fire up the grill, and enjoy a mythical meal delivery beyond your wildest dreams!


July 1, 2024

🌞 Celebrate The Dawning of a New Era in Munzee! 🦄

You may have noticed over the last few month’s that the arrival of Cappy The Unicorn has also ushered in a number of new elements for the game of Munzee. There’s plenty more to come as we focus our efforts to make an engaging gameplay experience for players new and old alike, but July is a time of celebration as we commemorate Munzee’s 13th birthday!

This time of year marks a special moment in the world of Munzee, but instead of celebrating the past we’re looking toward the future as we enter Cappy’s realm to celebrate 13 years of fun! This month of merriment kicks off an all new annual jamboree we’ve dubbed the New Dawn Festival and travelers from realms far and wide have come to honor the next era of Munzee!

New Dawn Festival Collection

As the Year of the Dragon continues to blaze forward we have reached the Zeenith of the changing seasons and the stars are beginning to align for some truly magical moments. Join Cappy to kick off a month of celebrations with a sale alongside some new items before they leave the store on Thursday, August 1st at 12:00 MHQ here: https://store.freezetag.com/collections/new-dawn-festival

  • Dragon Egg Pack – $13
    • 1 Striped Dragon Egg tPOB deployed on your account
      • Features the NEW Sunlit Baby Dragon and Hospitality Elder Dragon!
      • Learn about the NEW Hospitality Elder Dragon on the Help Guide HERE!
      • NOTE – This will only deploy the egg on your account. The standard cycle will still continue and allow others to train and tame the baby and elder dragons.
    • 1 Dragon’s Keep Temporary Destination
    • 1 Light Mystery
    • 1 Celtic Adder
    • 1 Master of Disguise

  • Bonus Glass Guardian – $6
    • An extra Glass Guardian is available for purchase, if you’d like to show off ALL your unique Glass Guardian skins at once! Plus get closer to earning a permanent one to carry over into the new year.
    • LIMIT: 1 per player

  • All Past Bouncers Return to the Store
    • If you missed out on any Mythologicals, Pouch Creatures or Mechz throughout the year, they’ve all bounced back for a bit and are available to purchase!
  • All Past Secret ZeeOps Return In-App
    • Visit the Secret ZeeOps section in the app to discover any past operations!

15% Off Collection

There will also be a 15% discount on any items purchased from this specific “13th Birthday Sale” collection HERE! Stock up on Magnets, Blasts, and more for the month ahead!

July 1, 2024

July 2024 MunzPaks

MunzPak fans, we’re celebrating our birthday month with something extra sweet just for you—a brand NEW Recipe Greeting Card and 2 Norse Zodiacs promising a bountiful journey. Keep reading to get a slice of all the details below!

July Virtual MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • Uruz Norse Zodiac
  • 1 teaPOB
  • 1 Sir Prize Wheel
  • 1 Citrine
  • 1 Flat Cup
  • 1 Light Mystery
  • 1 Virtual + Color
  • 1 Maple Chess Set
  • 3 Cake Recipe cards

July Hybrid MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 25 Generic Stickers (sent via mail)
  • Credits
    • Fehu Norse Zodiac
    • 5 Cogs
    • 1 Prize Wheel
  • Virtuals
    • Uruz Norse Zodiac
    • 1 Light Mystery
    • 1 Celtic Cat
    • 1 Amethyst
    • 3 Cake Recipe cards

MunzPak Exclusive – NEW Recipe Card

It’s our birthday month! Share your sweetest recipes by adding them to the notes section when you send out your Cake Recipe Greeting Card! Celebrate with us by sharing your decadent cake creations!

Check out this month’s Cake Greeting Card below:

Norse Zodiacs

For a refresher of the details about the new Norse Zodiac line of munzees, visit the December 2023 blog.

This month, you’ll receive the Fehu and Uruz Runes. Fehu symbolizes living comfortably as a result of your hard work, representing the accumulation of wealth, which in medieval times meant owning cattle. It does not, however, encourage overconsumption or greed. Uruz signifies power and vitality, drawing its meaning from the physical robustness of the aurochs. Embrace the strength of the aurochs and confidently charge into your next endeavor. Allow these runes to bring you great blessings as you prepare for future directions.


You will earn a badge for deploying each Norse Zodiac Munzee. Here are the badges for the Fehu and Uruz Norse Zodiacs:

Enjoy your July MunzPak options! Save with our monthly subscription instead of one-time purchases. Learn more about our subscription program HERE! First-time subscribers can earn one-time badges for each Pak type this month! Subscribe now at the Freeze Tag Online Store!


June 30, 2024

🎉🧁 Mix It Up With Enchanted Ingredients! 🧁🎉

🎉🧁 Light the candles and get ready to celebrate Munzee’s 13th birthday with a twist that’s sweeter than ever!🧁🎉

But it’s not just about the cake (credits). We treasure the enchantment of growing up, and are thrilled to introduce our ALL NEW Enchanted Ingredients Temporary Player Owned Bouncers (tPOBs) which start baking on July 1st at 12:00 MHQ! Inspired by the tradition of receiving a little extra, if you work hard you’ll receive all the mystical ingredients needed to create the Baker’s Dozen Cupcake. Don’t miss out on this delightful high-flier that captures your heart’s sweetest desires!

Keep reading for a scrumptious spellbinding recipe!

Enchanted Ingredients Overview

You’ll need to mix n’ match Enchanted Ingredients if you want to create a magical baking bouncer! Each of the Enchanted Ingredient tPOBs can be earned in a different way, and if you deploy all 5 you will also earn the Baker’s Dozen Cupcake. As a reminder, for this initial release you can only earn these 6 tPOBs from July 1st 12:00 MHQ until 12:00 MHQ on August 1, so get cooking!

You can find details on points and landing pads at the end of the blog post, but read on to learn how you can get your hands on each Ingredient below!

  • Enchanted Sugar
    • You are guaranteed to earn an Enchanted Sugar tPOB when capping an Event Indicator at a Baker’s Dozen Event.
    • There is also a special chance to earn/deploy an Enchanted Sugar when you deploy Prize Wheels, Sir Prize Wheels, or Red/Blue Bounty Ships from Resellers.
  • Enchanted Flour
    • There is a special chance to earn/deploy an Enchanted Flour tPOB when capping Event Pins.
    • There is also a special chance to earn/deploy an Enchanted Flour when deploying Virtual Sapphire/Onyx/Citrine or Virtual RUMs from Resellers.
      • NOTE: The RUMS will only include the following
        • Virtual Gold’n Coins Reseller
        • Virtual NEGS Reseller
        • Virtual GeoLoggers Reseller
        • Virtual SCGS Reseller
  • Enchanted Egg
    • There is a special chance to earn/deploy an Enchanted Egg tPOB when you deploy ANY Greeting Card.
  • Enchanted Butter
    • You can purchase an Enchanted Butter tPOB through the In-App Store for 500 Zeds at launch.
  • Enchanted Cream
    • You can earn an Enchanted Cream tPOB when you trade 1 Ruby and 1 Flat Lou in the Misc section of the Redeem Store.
  • Baker’s Dozen Cupcake
    • You’ll automatically earn the Baker’s Dozen Cupcake tPOB after you deploy all 5 of the Enchanted Ingredients above.

Bake To Your Heart’s Content!

Cake Credit

Each of the Enchanted Ingredients will automatically deploy to your account upon purchase or earning it, and it will stay on the map until it has been captured TEN times. Similar to Mechz, you’ll also earn a Recipe Badge when you deploy each Enchanted Ingredient and you can rebuild them for Cake Credit in the Redeem Store at any time in the future.


Alongside the individual recipe badges for deploying, there are also three badges for capturing/deploying Enchanted Ingredients and the Baker’s Dozen tPOB.

Enchanted Ingredients Details:

Enchanted Ingredient Points

  • Capture: 100
  • CapOn: 300

Baker’s Dozen Cupcake Points

  • Capture: 250
  • CapOn: 300
Landing Pads
ALL Enchanted Ingredients

  • Greenies
  • Calf
    • Cow
    • Milk
  • Chick
    • Chicken
    • Eggs
  • Flats
    • Flat Rob
    • Flat Matt
    • Flat Lou
    • Flat Hammock
    • Flat DHS
    • Flat Disc Golf Basket
    • Flat Flashlight
    • Flat Typewriter
    • Flat Murray
    • Flat RUM
    • Flat Cats
    • Flat Van
    • Flat Cup
    • Flat Fountain Pen
  • Elementals
    • Fire Mystery
    • Ice Mystery
    • Earth Mystery
    • Water Mystery
    • Air Mystery
    • Electric Mystery
    • Void Mystery
    • Light Mystery
  • Seasonal
    • Spring Seasonal Munzee
    • Summer Seasonal Munzee
    • Fall Seasonal Munzee
    • Winter Seasonal Munzee
    • Seasonal Munzee
  • All Virtual Colors
  • All Bouncer Destinations

Only Bakers Dozen Cupcake

  • Greenies
  •  Western Zodiacs
    • Scorpio
    • Sagittarius
    • Capricorn
    • Aquarius
    • Pisces
    • Aries
    • Taurus
    • Gemini
    • Cancer
    • Leo
    • Virgo
    • Libra
  • Chinese Zodiacs
    • Dog Chinese Zodiac
    • Pig Chinese Zodiac
    • Rat Chinese Zodiac
    • Ox Chinese Zodiac
    • Tiger Chinese Zodiac
    • Rabbit Chinese Zodiac
    • Dragon Chinese Zodiac
    • Snake Chinese Zodiac
    • Horse Chinese Zodiac
    • Goat Chinese Zodiac
    • Monkey Chinese Zodiac
    • Rooster Chinese Zodiac
  • Egyptian Zodiacs
    • Nile
    • Amon-Ra
    • Osiris
    • Thoth
    • Horus
    • Seth
    • Anubis
    • Sekhmet
    • Mut
    • Bastet
    • Geb
    • Isis
  • Celtic Zodiac
    • Celtic Wolf
    • Celtic Falcon
    • Celtic Stag
    • Celtic Cat
    • Celtic Adder
    • Celtic Fox
    • Celtic Bull
    • Celtic Seahorse
    • Celtic Wren
    • Celtic Horse
    • Celtic Salmon
    • Celtic Swan
    • Celtic Butterfly
  • Norse Zodiacs
    • Isa Norse Zodiac
    • Jara Norse Zodiac
    • Eihwaz Norse Zodiac
    • Perthu Norse Zodiac
    • Algiz Norse Zodiac
    • Sowulo Norse Zodiac
    • Teiwaz Norse Zodiac
    • Berkana Norse Zodiac
    • Ehwaz Norse Zodiac
    • Mannaz Norse Zodiac
    • Laguz Norse Zodiac
    • Ingwaz Norse Zodiac
    • Othala Norse Zodiac
    • Dagaz Norse Zodiac
    • Fehu Norse Zodiac
    • Uruz Norse Zodiac
    • Thurisaz Norse Zodiac
    • Ansuz Norse Zodiac
    • Raidho Norse Zodiac
    • Kaunaz Norse Zodiac
    • Gebo Norse Zodiac
    • Wunju Norse Zodiac
    • Hagalaz Norse Zodiac
    • Naudiz Norse Zodiac
  • All Virtual Colors



June 29, 2024

⚔️🐉 July Glass Guardian 🐉⚔️

Harnessing the power of the sun, this celestial defender of dragons awaits. Add this NEW Glass Guardian to your collection by completing your July capture streak and witness the sky-based phenomena!

If you completed your June capture streak, prepare to receive the Horned Glass Guardian Skin (and corresponding badge) in early July. Read on to learn more about the latest addition for July!

June Glass Guardian Reminders

If you haven’t picked up a base Glass Guardian yet, they are available in the Freeze Tag Store for $7.

How to have a permanent Guardian on your account next year:

  • Own at least 8 Guardians by the end of the year.
    • Each month, the price of a Guardian will decrease by $1.
    • However, players can only purchase 1 Guardian every 28 days.

July Glass Guardian Details

What Glass Guardian awaits in July? The Winged Glass Guardian, protector of of the skies and companion to the Horned Glass Guardian, soars to unmatched heights. The Winged Glass Guardian is a temporary POB that will remain on the map as long as the players with permanent Glass Guardians continue to use it.

Winged Glass Guardian

Winged Glass Guardian

  • Deploy Points: 500
  • Capture Points: 250
  • CapOn Points: 300
Additional Info
  • Available for multi-capture
  • Non-blastable
  • Attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets
  • Filters: “All Limited-Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials”

As stated earlier, you’ll need to complete this month’s (July) capture streak to earn this skin. Once the skin is awarded in August, you can change the skin on the hedge to this one at any point! If you need some help refer to our Help Guide article for the instructions on swapping skins!

You can find this golden winged wonder at the following landing pads every 6 hours or when captured:

Additionally, when captured, the Winged Glass Guardian will scatter up to 1-3 NEW Ascension Marbles nearby!

Ascension Marble

  • Capture: 50 points
  • CapOn: 50 points


As a reminder, Glass Guardians will have 4 associated badge lines:

  • Unique type deploy badges — you’ll need to earn each month’s skin by keeping your streak up!
  • Overall deploy badges — the more guardians you deploy, the merrier!
  • Unique type capture badges — capture at least 1 of each skinned Glass Guardian!
  • Overall capture badges — capture as many Glass Guardians as you can find!

Check out the unique deploy and capture badges linked with the Winged Glass Guardians below!

Soar into July and earn your Winged Glass Guardian before it’s gone!


June 28, 2024

July 2024 Clan Wars Requirements

July is upon us, and so are the new Clan War requirements! We’ve listened to player feedback from our recent survey and made some changes. We hope these changes suit new players in low level clans as they learn the game and earn rewards, but also provide a challenge for veteran players at higher levels.
We appreciate our loyal premium players and choose to reserve levels 4-6 for them this month. Please consider supporting the game through a premium membership. This is available via monthly or yearly subscription in the app store, or a yearly purchase online.

Head over to the Clan section in our app for all the info and rewards. For enhanced gameplay, use CuppaZee app and website to track clan stats and daily gameplay!

New ClanPak for July’s battle is available HERE! Tailored for Clan battles, it includes items to chase scatters, grow Evos, cap Bouncers, and deploy Mechz like never before. Limit 1 per player account per 30 days, and for $15 you’ll get:

  • 5 cogs
  • 3 QRowbars
  • 2 magnets
  • 2 virtual magnets
  • 3 capture radius boosters
  • 3 rover treats
  • 1 flat Typewriter
  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 4 Quick Grow
  • 1 limited edition greeting card

Level 1 (Designed with new players in mind)


  • at least 7 days of activity
  • at least 10,000 total points

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 50,000 total points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 mace, 1 clan war card, 1 water mystery, 1 magnet, 2 cogs

Level 2 (Intended to challenge new players and introduce them to growing the map)


  • at least 10 days of activity
  • at least 25,000 total points
  • at least 100 Greenie points

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 100,000 total points
  • at least 500 Greenie points
  • at least 500 Scatter points

Rewards: 1 longsword, 1 catapult, 1 virt + color, 1 temp virt, 1 QRowbar, 2 cogs, 1 stamp

Level 3 (Increased types of requirements as players develop in skill and growing the map)


  • at least 15 days of activity
  • at least 50,000 total points
  • at least 250 Greenie points
  • at least 28 Places caps
  • at least 1 Elemental Mystery deploy

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 250,000 total points
  • at least 1250 Greenie points
  • at least 1000 Flat Friend/Object points
  • at least 5000 Greeting Card points
  • at least 1000 Zeecret Weapon points
  • at least 1000 Mech points
  • at least 1000 Scatter point
  • at least 5 Elemental Mystery deploys

Rewards: 1 longsword, 1 crossbow, 1 virt + color, 1 flat Rob, 1 temp virt, 2 Rover treats, 2 cogs, 2 stamps

Level 4 (Our lowest Premium only level with a new temporary type to redeem)


  • at least 18 days of activity
  • at least 100,000 total points
  • at least 500 Greenie points
  • at least 56 Places caps
  • at least 2 Claimed QRates
  • at least 1 Baby Squirrel tPOB* deploy
  • at least 2 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 2 Elemental Mystery scatter captures

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 500,000 total points
  • at least 2500 Greenie points
  • at least 2000 Flat Friend/Object points
  • at least 10,000 Greeting Card points
  • at least 2000 Zeecret Weapon points
  • at least 2000 Mech points
  • at least 2000 Scatter points
  • at least 2000 Evo Bouncer points
  • at least 5 Broken Mech captures
  • at least 10 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 10 Elemental Mystery scatter captures

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 battle axe, 2 virtuals + colors, 1 magnet, 1 temp virt, 100 Zeds, 1 evo reset, 1 electric mystery, 5 cogs, 1 virtual Amethyst, 4 stamps

Level 5 (Reserved for premium players who have grown the map and reached QRew/ZeeQRew status)


  • at least 20 days of activity
  • at least 250,000 total points
  • at least 1500 Greenie points
  • at least 112 Places caps
  • at least 1 QRewzee/Sleepzee cap
  • at least 4 Claimed QRates
  • at least 5 days with 1500 points
  • at least 1 Baby Squirrel tPOB* deploy
  • at least 3 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 5 Elemental Mystery scatter captures
  • at least 1000 Pouch Creature points

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 1,250,000 total points
  • at least 7500 Greenie points
  • at least 4000 Flat Friend/Object points
  • at least 5 QRewzee/Sleepzee captures
  • at least 20,000 Greeting Card points
  • at least 4000 Zeecret Weapon points
  • at least 4000 Mech points
  • at least 4000 Scatter points
  • at least 3000 Evo Bouncer points
  • at least 15 Broken Mech captures
  • at least 15 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 25 Elemental Mystery scatter captures
  • at least 5000 Pouch Creature points

Rewards: 1 crossbow, 1 hammer, 2 virtuals + colors, 1 earth mystery, 1 virtual magnet, 1 temp virt, 100 zeds, 1 evo reset, 1 butterfly, 2 rover treats, 5 cogs, 1 flat Flashlight, 1 Scrap Star, 8 stamps

Level 6 (Our most advanced level for ZeeQRew members to test their abilities and reach the top of the leaderboard)


  • at least 25 days of activity
  • at least 450,000 total points
  • at least 2500 Greenie points
  • at least 224 Places caps
  • at least 10 QRewzee/Sleepzee cap
  • at least 6 Claimed QRates
  • at least 7 days with 2500 points
  • at least 1 Baby Squirrel tPOB* deploy
  • at least 5 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 10 Elemental Mystery scatter captures
  • at least 2000 Pouch Creature points
  • at least 1000 Garden Scatter** points

Clan (in addition to individual requirements)

  • at least 3,150,000 total points
  • at least 17,500 Greenie points
  • at least 7500 Flat Friend/Object points
  • at least 70 QRewzee/Sleepzee captures
  • at least 35,000 Greeting Card points
  • at least 7500 Zeecret Weapon points
  • at least 7500 Mech points
  • at least 7500 Scatter points
  • at least 5000 Evo Bouncer points
  • at least 25 Broken Mech captures
  • at least 35 Elemental Mystery deploys
  • at least 70 Elemental Mystery scatter captures
  • at least 14,000 Pouch Creature points
  • at least 7000 Garden Scatter** points

Rewards: 4 virtuals + colors, 1 magnet, 1 virtual magnet, 200 zeds, 15 cogs, 1 flat Disc golf basket, 1 capture radius booster, 1 Celtic butterfly, 12 stamps

Access our Help Guide for complete information regarding Clan Wars. For tips on how to maximize your gameplay, visit our Tips & Tricks Guide, created by players! Find more information about QRates and see the qualifications for ZeeQRew here.

July Badges

Your Clan can earn monthly badges by reaching certain levels in Clan Wars. But remember, you only get a badge (and rewards) if the whole clan reaches that level. In July, there are six badges up for grabs. The first badge will appear as follows:

*Clan (Baby) Squirrel will be available to claim as a special trade in the Premium section of the redeem store beginning July 3rd. Cost will be 0 zeds (that’s right, ZERO zeds). This takes the place of the golden carrot in the month of July. 😍 Clan Squirrels will be archived August 1st, so enjoy them while they are bouncing!

**Garden Scatter points are all capture, deploy, and cap on points from the scatters that belong to the set of Garden bouncers. This includes garden gnome hats, garden flamingo feathers, garden hedge flowers, glass guardian marbles.

QRates must be found during the current clan war (after 00:10 on July 3rd) — give the system a few minutes to fully switch into the new battle.


Note: Clan requirements may update before July 3 and we reserve the right to do so. The final requirements and rewards will always be shown in the app.

June 25, 2024

June 2024 GOTM Winners!

All this sun has entries thriving to shine above the rest, but we have a duo that truly takes the stage! We’re thrilled to announce the June Garden of the Month WINNERS, a rockstar pair that will have you jamming all summer long! Don’t forget, special badges await the green-thumbed organizers and players deployed in these winning gardens. Thank you for helping our map flourish!

A big Munzee congratulations to Munzee Drum Set, designed by Jeffeth and Technicolor Guitar, designed by Mdeezy as our winning June GOTM!

Munzee Drum Set by Jeffeth in Navan, Ottawa – Canada

A beat we can vibe to!

Technicolor Guitar by Mdeezy  in Leeds, Alabama – USA

“Virtually tuned in all summer!”

Special Badges for all players deployed within the winning GOTM:

If you’d like to nominate a Virtual Garden for GOTM or need help deploying in a Garden, you can check out the Munzee Help Guide to learn more! Stock up on Virtuals from the Freeze Tag Online Store to bring your garden visions to life!


June 24, 2024

Light The Way With A New Elemental Mystery and Pouch Creature!

In the depths of space a cosmic ray has lit a path toward worlds unknown! We are happy to announce the Light Mystery is now available for purchase, alongside the all new Kalmaar Pouch Creature! You can pick up both from the Freeze Tag Online Store:

  • Purchase the Light Mystery HERE
  • Purchase the Kalmaar Pouch Creature HERE

Can you master the bending rays of the Light Mystery and discover the origins of the alien submariner Kalmaar? Read on to learn more!

Light Mystery Munzee Details

The Light Mystery joins the Air, Electric, and Void Mysteries as a virtual Elemental Mystery type. Once the Light Mystery is captured, it will scatter up to 2 Light Wave scatters nearby.

There are three different ways the light can bend:

Upon capture:

  • If the result is a Reflection up to 2 Mirrors will then scatter nearby.
  • If the result is a Refraction up to 2 Prisms will then scatter nearby.
  • If the result is a Diffraction both the capper and owner will receive an undeployed Silver Lining Card.
  • After a Mirror is capped there is a chance the light could continue to reflect and additional Mirrors could once again be scattered nearby.
  • After a Prism has been capped there is a chance that a Rainbow Road Greeting Card could be deployed nearby for YOU to capture on the Light Mystery owner’s account.
    • NOTE – Will not be capturable if scattered on your own account, but will earn CapOn points from other players capturing it.

The points for all these munzees are as follows:

  • Light Mystery
    • Deploy: 50 points
    • Capture/CapOn: Split of 60 points with 10 point minimum
  • Light Wave Scatters
    • Capture: 50 points
    • CapOn: 10 points
  •  Mirror and Prism Scatters
    • Capture: 50 points
    • CapOn: 10 points
  • Silver Lining and Rainbow Road Cards
    • Capture: 50 points
      Deploy: 60 points
      CapOn: 30 points

The Light Mystery, Light Wave Scatters, and Mirror/Prism scatters all have a capture radius of 300 ft and are not blastable. The Silver Lining and Rainbow Road Cards have a capture radius of 500 ft and are blastable. You can use Rover Treats to capture the scatters as well. To access the Light Mystery, turn on your “Virtual – Mysteries” filter. For more information on the Light Mystery, you can check out our Help Guide article.

Like the other Elementals, Light Mysteries can be magnetized with Virtual Magnets. Here are a list of Munzees that are currently attracted to land on Light Mysteries:

  • Kalmainium (NEW POUCH CREATURE)
  • Hadavale Myth
  • Cyclops Myth
  • All Funfinity Stone Pouch Creatures
  • All Glass Guardian Skins

NEW Pouch Creature Details

A Light has broken through the darkness of the Void and our newest Pouch Creatureis shining with enthusiasm! Meet Kalmaar, the sweet-natured squid. Does the tentacled Kalmaar, and its evolved form Kalmainium, come from the depths of sea or space? We may never know!

You can shop Kalmaar HERE!

Kalmaar Kalmainium
Points Points
  • Deploy: 250
  • Capture: 200
  • CapOn: 100
  • Capture: 400
  • CapOn: 100
Landing Pads Landing Pads
  • Virtual Colors
  • Virtual Sapphire
  • Submarine Evo
  • Wildlife & Beach POI
  • Elemental Mysteries:
    • Void Mystery
    • Light Mystery

Both Kalmaar and Kalmainium will bounce to the landing pads above every 6 hours or when capped. —  Pouch Creatures are bouncing munzees based on items from our sister app, WallaBee.

New Badges!

There will be a number of badges to enjoy along with Kalmaar / Kalmainium, including the following Deploy badge:

Kalmaar Pouch Creature Munzee- Deploy Kalmaar Pouch Creature Munzee.

Additionally there will be three badges to earn for Kalmaar / Kalmainium for a total of 6 additional Capture badges. The first badge per each level will appear as follows:

If you want to brush up on any Pouch Creature knowledge, be sure to check out our Help Guide!


June 19, 2024

🎂 July 2024 Double Point Weekend Dates 🎉

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Double Point Weekends (DPWs)

Dates Double Points ON
Fri, July 5 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, July 7 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Greenies, Jewels, Virtual Colors
Fri, July 12 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, July 14 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Greenies, Gaming, Evolutions 
Fri, July 19 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, July 21 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Greenies, Resellers, Mechz 

Mailbox owners get x3 points!

Fri, July 26 – 00:01 MHQ to Sun, July 28 at 23:59 MHQ Cards, Flats, Greenies, Mysteries, Scattered Types

Mailbox owners get x3 points!

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