November 2021 MunzPak Contents Revealed!

This month, look forward to seeing a different Baby Animal in each MunzPak! In addition, the next Egyptian Zodiac, Geb, will be available in Virtual and Hybrid MunzPaks! Check out the breakdown of each Pak below for more details!

MunzPak is a monthly subscription service that delivers munzees directly to your door! Each of our three MunzPak options contain a variety of munzees, including some new items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! The three different types of MunzPaks that you can subscribe to each month are as follows:

  • Physical MunzPak features blocks of generic stickers and pre-coded stickers including brand new munzees which can only be purchased through the subscription service. $~25 value for $15 each month.
  • Virtual MunzPak features a variety of virtual munzees that are automatically added to your account each month such as Destination Munzees, Jewels, and more. $~40 value for $25 each month.
  • Hybrid MunzPak is the best of both worlds! Get both physical and virtual munzees such as Places Munzees, Magnets, and more. $~30 value for $20.01 each month.

Never subscribed to MunzPak before? If this is your first month subscribing, you’ll have the chance to earn one-time badges for each type of Pak! All you have to do is stop by the Freeze Tag Online Store and subscribe today!

The November MunzPaks will contain the items listed below, effective as of 00:01 MHQ time on November 1. Please note that any purchases made before then will be for the October MunzPak, which contains different items.

Each Pak this month will feature a different Baby Animal Munzee! You can find more of the individual details HERE, or read below to see what you’ll get!

November Physical MunzPak

Purchase HERE!  Remember the stickers in this pak can be shared with others!

  • 1 Baby Raccoon Temporary POB (more info on this HERE!)
  • 25 Generic Stickers
  • 1 Pink diamond
  • 1 Frog
  • 1 Earth Mystery
  • 1 Rose
  • 1 Joystick

November Virtual MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 1 Giraffe Calf Temporary POB (more info on this HERE!)
  • 5 Geb Egyptian Zodiacs
  • 1 Electric Mystery
  • 1 Flat Lou
  • 1 Sapphire
  • 1 Congrats Card

November Hybrid MunzPak

Purchase HERE!

  • 1 Foal Temporary POB (more info on this HERE!)
  • 25 Generic Stickers (sent via mail)


  • 24 Jewel Shards
  • 2 Color Credits


  • 3 Geb Egyptian Zodiacs
  • 2 Virtuals
  • 1 Flat Matt
  • 1 Howdy card

We hope you’re looking forward to another Munzee-filled month!

Munzee on!