New Urban Camo Design and Comic Book Day Personal Tags!

We’ve got a couple new products available in the Freeze Tag Online Store!

First up, a new Urban Camo design fresh off last week’s release. These new Maintenance Record urban camo designs are perfect for hiding in plain sight. They even feature a spot the first handful players can leave a quick record of their capture at! Think of it like an old school log.

In fact these designs were so cool that Freeze Tag President Rob Vardeman decided to sign a few! Five of the stickers that are currently for sale will be signed and dated by Rob. These special orders will be randomly shipped out, but they will also include a few bonus stickers from Zee Pres himself! The bonus stickers will be taped to the back of the Maintenance Record sticker.

Each of these stickers are individually sold and cost $0.50. There are a limited number of quantity, but if demand is high enough we’ll order more soon!

You can purchase Urban Camos here:

We’re also celebrating Comic Book Day with a new Personal Tag featuring some throwback artwork! For those that may not remember, we spent our spectacular sixth birthday chasing down comic book specials throughout July 2017. These Comic Book Day personals feature that special’s artwork design along with the new Munzee logo!

You can purchase Personal Tags here: 

Thank you all once again for your support! As always you can expect even more fun game pieces in the near future. Munzee on!