Munzee Players of the Week: Shannon Hutchison and Caley Fox (WhompCanada)

Munzee promotes staying active through adventure. We’re proud of Munzee’s ability to get people to investigate unknown areas, learn about the game and grow the map. This week’s Players of The Week challenged themselves to bike across Canada and interact with strangers along the way and what better way to do that than to Munzee? We proudly sponsored Celaey Fox and Shannon Hutchison in their Whomp Nation Canadian Coast To Coast journey. Read on to learn more about WhompNationCanada!

1240457_500576850026628_1167963340_nWho are you?

Shannon Hutchison and Caley Fox. We met at Rocky Mountain school of Photography in the summer of 2012.

Where in the world do you live?

Shannon lives in Calgary, AB, Canada and Caley lives in St. Louis, MO, USA.

How long have you played Munzee?

Caley has played Munzee since 2011, and when we decided to start Whomp Nation we created a joint Munzee account in March 2013.

How did you find Munzee?

Caley found out about Munzee when he was shooting photos for his sister and happened to see a QR code in a tree. He’s become very enthusiastic about it ever since.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

We enjoy Munzee because it gives us an excuse to get out and explore strange places. It was also great meeting all of the Munzee people we met as we travelled across the country!1186198_496550050429308_1097723683_n

Tell us about Whomp Nation:

Whomp Nation is a project Shannon and Caley made to discover more about Canada. We shot off in April 2013 to pedal across Canada on two tandem bikes joined together and ended in mid-September. We documented the people we met, the land, and participated in fun Canadian events. It was an interactive experience that people could follow via social media each week.1150979_492732700811043_647481447_n

What spurred you guys to start this?

Shannon originally wanted to walk across Canada, but we decided on our crazy Tandems so we could pick up Hitchhikers! We figured why not and it inspired us to go on this crazy trip.

How did you incorporate Munzee into this trek?

Munzee was a great way of tracking where we had been during our trip. It also lead to amazing Munzee hunting in Quebec!


Tell us about yourselves:

Shannon and Caley are both professional photographers. Shannon also work as teacher.

What’s Next?

We’re really hoping to do another trip like this last one, just not sure to where yet! (Editor’s Note: May we suggest a trip down south? Perhaps McKinney, TX?)

WhompCanada included their Social so cap away!


Whomp Nation also produced a time lapse video of their trip, so give it a watch.  You can also look back on their whole experience at

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