Munzee Birthday Whirlwind Tours!

Munzee’s birthday is a big deal. Each year we get to celebrate not only the anniversary of the launch of Munzee in July 2011, but another year of getting to do what we love. This year, the support for our birthday events has been tremendous, and Team Munzee wants to get out there and celebrate with our players. Members of Team Munzee will be involved in Munzee Birthday Whirlwind Tours in North America and Europe to visit players and attend birthday events that have been scheduled on the Munzee Calendar. The events that will be attended are as follows:

Pre-Birthday Kick Off (Rob and Matt)

Munzee Birthday European Whirlwind Tour


Daniel Fischer


Munzee Birthday American Road Trip (Matt)

Both Rob and Matt will have the standard “Meet the Makers” badge as well as special Tour badges reflecting their tour and special personal badges. They may also have special birthday packages to give away.

For those areas and countries that aren’t on this list, fret not! We realize that we have players all over the world, but we still only have a relatively small staff. We have plans in the works to visit players to show our support and grow the game in other parts of the world (*cough cough, Australia and New Zealand*).

We look forward to seeing and meeting players all over the world and kicking off year 5 with a bang!