NEW 💣 Micro Blasts + 2x Points! 🔥

Don’t blow your fuse, but we have two explosive surprises: an ALL NEW Micro Blast Capture and 2x on ALL points earned from Blasts until 23:59 MHQ on Sunday, June 9th! Yes, you read that right, not only will you be able to earn double capture points when blasting, but Owners will ALSO get 2x CapOn points if their munzee is blasted!

Make the most of this special weekend bonus and deploy those virts so they can get blasted for 2x the points! Read on to learn more about the new Micro Blast or grab a 5 pack for only $5 HERE!


Precision and Power Combined

The all new Micro Blast Capture is small, but it packs a mighty punch! Blasts are some of the most powerful tools in your Munzee arsenal, and this all new addition is designed for ultimate precision and efficiency. Each Micro Blast will capture up to 25 virtual munzees within a one mile radius. Perfect for trying to nab those tricky, hard-to-reach bundles of munzees, especially if there aren’t enough munzees to require a mini Blast (up to 50). Micro Blasts have got you covered!

Players can purchase Micro Blasts in the following ways:

Double the Points, Double the Fun

From NOW until 23:59 MHQ on Sunday, June 9th for every Munzee capped with any type of blast, you’ll earn 2x the points! Plus, owners of blasted munzees will also receive 2x CapOn points, so you’ll want to deploy lots of munzees near a populated area so you can make the most of the special bonus period. Be sure to stock up on Greeting Cards and other blastable virts in the online store! Maybe hit the redeem store and use some of the jewel shards you’ve accumulated?

Deploy, cap and brace yourself for a weekend of explosive fun!


P.S. ZeeQRew members…check your special collection for a new multipack including the micro blast!