NEW Bouncer Destination: The Dragon’s Keep!

If you’re searching for a sizzling cap you’ll need to enter the haven of the dragons! Prove your bravery and prepare for our latest Bouncer Destination: The Dragon’s Keep, an ancient draconian sanctuary! This thrilling Destination is perfect for all of our brave dragon trainers, and you can get yours for just $3 HERE! LIMIT 5 PER PLAYER.

As you can imagine this new type will attract a number of Dragon Bouncers, including all three levels of the Dragon Trainer Specials! But be careful when playing with fire and watch your step —you wouldn’t want the lava or any cranky dragons to give you the ultimate pedicure!

The extra special Dragon’s Keep has the following scorching advantages:

  • Perfect for travelers in search of Dragon Trainer Specials, and other bouncing Dragon types
    • Full list at the bottom of this post!
  • Quick and high points
  • Easy access to multiple bouncer caps at once
  • The ability to share the love with other bouncer owners
  • Achieve bouncer Clan Wars requirements quicker

Basic Info

  • Attracts up to 6 bouncers over time (7 for Premium Members)
  • Stays on the map for 7 days
  • Automatically magnetized when 1st deployed
    • Is magnetizable afterwards
  •  Points:
    • Deploy: 250 points
    • Cap: 10 points + points for bouncers in the Dragons’s Keep at the time of capture.
    • CapOn: 50 points
  • Can be capped once per player per 24 hour MHQ day
    • New bouncer landings do NOT refresh the capture setting
    • The regular bouncer timer is still in effect. If a bouncer times out, it leaves the Dragon’s Keep and an open spot becomes available for others
  • Players will see the base icon above for 0, but then a 1-6 (7 for Premium Members) as more bouncers stop by
  • The deploy circle for Dragon’s Keep will be 4,000 feet (1219.2 m) from the nearest Temporary Bouncer Destination.
    • Capture radius is 1,000 feet.

To access the Dragon’s Keep, turn on your Virtual filter and find it under “Destinations”. If the Dragon’s Keep is hosting munzees, it can also be visible with the “All Expiring Specials” filter.

For more information on Bouncer Destinations, you can check out our Help Guide article.


The badge for deploying a Dragon’s Keep is shown below:

Stone Stronghold- Deploy 1 Dragon’s Keep Munzee.

There is also a badge for capturing a Dragon’s Keep. Since there’s only 1 badge in this line, we’ll keep it a secret for now.

We hope you’ll brave the flames and explore Dragon’s Keep!


*Dragon’s Keep bouncers include: