Meet Munzee Munzday: Andy

Here at Freeze Tag we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. To bring back this fun way to introduce team members, let’s get to know more about Andy Cameron, the illustrator responsible for many of WallaBee‘s amazing art designs! Andy may not work on Munzee all the time, but he’s certainly loaned us his artwork on more than one occasion! 

WallaBee Item Pie-Eyed Andy, designed by and featuring Andy

Name and Title:

Andy Cameron, Illustrator, Graphic Designer (Munzee: AndyCam, WallaBee: Andrew Cameron)

Where are you from?

I live in Derby, which is in the centre of the UK.

Tell us about yourself:

I live with my family: 1 x Wife, 2 x Children, 1 x Cat. I love drawing and graphic designing and actually have real qualifications in it! I really like eating peanuts and probably eat too many. I work on my own over here in the UK, but always feel part of the larger Freeze Tag team. Well for 3 hours a day when our timezones coincide, anyway!

How long have your worked for Munzee/Freeze Tag?

About 4 years!

WallaBee Item Andy Cratchit, designed by and featuring Andy

How did you find Munzee?

Munzee found me. I was working for WallaBee App and Munzee bought it, and the rest is history. That was a very good thing that happened.

What do you enjoy most about Freeze Tag’s games?

Definitely the people I’ve met. The players are very friendly and all have a story to tell. The team members are all fantastic.

What are some of your other hobbies?

I love running. I get out as much as I can. Working up to a Marathon before I get too old to finish one. Also, getting out into the countryside with family and friends. Supporting/going to watch local football (soccer) team, Derby County, and dealing with the disappointment! Playing guitar and making music. Watching live music, listening to music. Binging on Netflix (and other providers) Dramas. I like cooking too, but have a limited range… I’ve just discovered the world of podcasts and I like listening to them too. Eating.

Famous last words?

“Don’t unplug that!” or “Who says you can’t make toast in the bath?”

Andy’s Artistic Achievements

Check out the gallery below to view some of Andy’s most memorable artwork! These are only a selection of his many, many uniquely wonderful designs!

Check back next week to get to know another member of the team!