Meet Munzee Munday: Daniel Fischer

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing members of Team Munzee so our players can get to know us a bit better. So each Munday (see what we did there?) check in to see a new member of Team Munzee and you decide if you trust the game in our hands. Munzee is an worldwide game so it’s important that we focus on our international team members as well! Get to know our German developer Daniel Fischer!

P1030015Name and Title:
Daniel Fischer, Backend Developer

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in a small village in Thuringia, Germany. I left there in 2007 and moved to Chemnitz, Saxony where I went to university studying computer science until last year. It’s a lovely countryside around here at the edge of the Ore Mountains and even the Czech boarder is nearby, so I decided to stay for a few more years.

Tell us about yourself:
As I said, I finished university last year and so I had to sort things while getting from studying over to real work a.k.a. getting things done. I spend most of the day in front of two computer monitors. Yes, maybe that comes with my job but it’s also fun and hobby and feels like I’m doing the right thing. Beside that I try to be outside enjoying the sun and nature every minute I can get. I really need to move around after sitting at the desk for hours. Enjoying outdoors alone is great, but sure it’s much more fun to do it with friends and people you like. This is where Munzee comes in 😉

2014-05-31 10.02.24How long have you worked for Munzee?
I’ve been on the Munzee ship since fall 2013, but I did some minor tasks for them before officially coming on.

How did you find Munzee?
Hah, I really didn’t find Munzee as a company in the first place, I found it as a game. Coming from that other geo-location game, I read about Munzee in a blog post and I decided to get an account (that was 1,051 days ago) and have a look at the map. There was only one Munzee deployed in the whole state! I got some friends hooked and the game started to grow (very slowly) in our area. In order to 2014-05-10 12.19.23share thoughts and information about the game with other players from Germany, I set up the German Munzee forums and started coding up some tools that helped me and others playing the game. For that I got into contact with Scott and this is maybe how Munzee find me and gave me the ability to find Munzee as a company. I’m so glad to be here and work in such an awesome team!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
That’s easy! What I like most about it is being outside and being on the move. Also the game gets me in contact with people from around the world and on weekend Munzee trips it shows me great new places. There is an active development going on and every week is exciting, from the game and from the job point of view.

What are some of your other hobbies?2013-08-18 16.52.09
Other hobbies? Are you kidding? Hah, there are. Two years ago I bought a new bike and so I cycling for about an hour a day if the weather is good. Okay, maybe I have to admit that most of the times Munzee is included even if I’m going by bike. The other hobby is electronics. So soldering is no problem for me, in terms of hobby projects like doing fun things with the Arduino platform or other micro controllers. And well, there is even reading. Unfortunately I don’t read as much as I want, but I bought a kindle in March and things are getting better, hah.

Famous last words?
No time for being famous. I have to get out and score some points!10013657_10203306448850370_1608249802_n

Check back next week to get to know another member of Team Munzee!