🗺️ Introducing The Map Pak!

Last year our team began investigating the possibility of incorporating Google Maps into the app, and we’re excited to announce that after much testing we’re ready to offer this option to all players! In order to make this a viable option the Google Maps upgrade will be part of a new program we’re calling the Map Pak!

Google Maps Integration

Players can purchase the Map Pak through Shopify HERE for $4.00, which will give you 1 month access to Google Maps, plus 200 Zeds. For now this will not be a recurring payment and instead you’ll need to manually purchase the Map Pak each month. We expect to add a subscription option when we confirm everything is working as intended. This will be a long term solution we hope to offer very soon. After purchasing your Map Pak please give it a few minutes and then restart the app to find the new map option in the Settings menu. This section will now allow you to switch between using Apple or Google Maps at any time while the subscription is active. This area will also display how long until your subscription expires. NOTE – You must have the latest update 4.1.207 downloaded from the app stores in order to access this option. Please update to the latest version before purchasing the Map Pak to ensure everything still works as expected on your device.

The Map Pak purchase will help handle the costs associated with Google Maps, which have risen incrementally over the years. As many of you know, Google charges developers for using Google Maps. For those Munzee players who want to use Google Maps, we are incorporating those charges into the monthly Map Pak at our cost. Because of our game’s requirements for constant real world map refreshing this has previously been unattainable, but the Map Pak will allow users who choose to use Google Maps to do so.

Thank you to the Munzee beta testing group for helping us through this process, but please be patient as we roll this out to a larger group and be aware that there are some smaller known issues we will continue to work on. We want to acknowledge that unforeseen challenges are always possible, so your feedback will be invaluable as we continue to refine and improve our app.

Single Sign-On Limit

Alongside the Map Pak update we have also included a single sign-on limit for all users. If your account logs into the Munzee App on another device, you’ll be logged out and see a pop up notification on the original device as well. This limit is only for using the app across multiple phone/tablet devices, so players can still log into the website multiple times without affecting the app. The purpose of this change is to improve account security and to reduce issues that stem from account sharing.

Although these new features are live in the game, we’re still actively monitoring the impact so there could be further changes ahead if things need adjusted. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to offer better experiences game-wide. We understand that not everyone will choose to partake in the Map Pak, but we always encourage you to play your way, and we know the Google Maps addition has been a much requested feature. We strive to make the game’s experience smoother, more immersive, and ultimately more enjoyable for everyone, so good luck on your journey ahead!


Team Munzee!