🎈Balloon Bouncers take the CAKE! 🍰

Hey there, party people! You’ve all been hard at work earning Cake Credits for activities related to Munzee Events and now it’s time to cash them in for a party favor! There’s a variety of goodies you can swap for Cake Credits in the Redeem Store, but we’re excited to kick off the the party by also introducing Temporary Balloon Bouncers! Plus some exclusive redeemable goodies for our Premium Members.

Cake Credit

Balloon Bouncers:

Any good balloon artist will tell you, these high-flying helium holders can be transformed into a number of different shapes! So you can certainly deploy a plain Balloon bouncer, but for a few more Cake Credits you can also deploy unique balloon animal designs as well! Some balloon animal bouncer styles will be available year round, while others (like the Lunar Dragon) will only be available for a limited time. So don’t miss out!

Balloon Tiers:

Balloons will be categorized into three Tiers based on their value, which will also dictate the Cake Credits cost, the amount of points earned, and how many captures before each balloon is archived.

  • Cake Cost: 50, 80, 150
  • Maximum Captures: 10, 20, 50


Capture and CapOn points for all Balloons will be the same, but the Deploy points will depend on the Tier of the Balloon.

  • Deploy Points: 100, 200, 500
  • Capture Points: 250
  • CapOn Points: 300

Landing Pads:

Different Balloons will have unique landing pads, but each type will bounce to the following every 6 hours or when captured:

The following are unique landing pads for the the set of Balloon bouncers at launch:

  • Butterfly Balloon:
    • Topaz, Pink Diamond & Virtual Citrine
    • Earth Mystery & Air Mystery
    • Celtic Butterfly
    • Butterfly & Carnation Evos
  • Flamingo Balloon:
    • Topaz, Pink Diamond, & Virtual Onyx
    • Water Mystery & Air Mystery
    • Flat Lou
    • POI Wildlife & POI Beach
  • Lunar Dragoon Balloon:
    • Ruby, Topaz & Aquamarine
    • Fire Mystery & Air Mystery
    • Dragon Chinese Zodiac
    • Longsword & Crossbow

Additional Info:

  • Available for multi-capture
  • Non-blastable
  • Attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets
  • Filters: “All Limited-Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials”

Try not to POP with excitement —get your Balloon Bouncers today before they float away!