Goodbye September!

September is leaving us in just a few hours so we wanted to remind you of a few things that are leaving the Munzee game as well.

  • The old app. Wave farewell to the 2.x version of the Munzee app. On October 1st, it will be disabled, and Munzee will only exist in the 3.0 app. Read more about the reasons in our previous blog post.
  • Mystery Virtual Munzees. Adios to this fun item. It is retiring to make way for fun, new products in the future. Don’t worry, the current MVM will always remain in play and so will those in your undeployed list. A limited number will remain in the store until October 1st.

October Clan Wars center around the Munzee family jewels. Get your hands on some jewels to deploy today. Also, don’t forget about our clan transfer market if you are interested in finding a new clan or filling your current clan.

MHQ Bash 2015 and MHQ EuroBash 2015 are going on during the October 9-11 weekend. In honor of the Bash taking place in the UK, a VERY limited number of emerald pins will be sold today at 3:30pm MHQ time. They will appear in the store at this link. Limited to 1 per player. Check the calendar for any other local events you might be interested in attending. Also, don’t forget about the special Christmas events during the month of December.

We’ve got a lot more things coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you!