Eventzee Special Icons are on the Munzee map!

EventzeeLogo copyEventzee has invaded Munzee! Eventzee’s president Bob has seemingly declared war on Munzee and now Eventzee special icons are popping up all over on the Munzee app. So it’s up to the Munzee players to get out there and cap all of those Eventzee pins before it’s too late! We want peace with Eventzee though, so when you cap one of these special physical pins you’ll be taken to the Eventzee website where you can download the app. Both Munzee and Eventzee can live cohesively, but to do that you’ll need to download the app and join the free weekly photo hunt. It’s actually a lot of fun to play Eventzee too though, so give it a shot and appease Bob Vardeman.

2,015 Eventzee icons have attached to physical greenies across the map and will bounce every 6 hours unless captured before then. By finding at least one Eventzee special you’ll also be awarded with a special Eventzee badge. Eventzee caps work like mystery munzees in that you’ll receive either 5, 10, 15 or 20 points for capture and cap on. You may not capture your own munzee. You can see if there are any pins near your at http://www.munzee.com/eventzee.

Be sure to join Eventzee’s free weekly photo hunts once you download the app. Check the Eventzee blog to see new clues added daily and compete for your chance to win prizes each week. This week’s winner will be awarded $100 USD and some virtual munzee products!