Introducing Daily Captures On Greenies!

While the Snowbirds have been at play Team Munzee has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing for a momentous 2024! Much of last year was focused on rebuilding our backend to prepare for the future, and now we’re ready to enact some of those big changes in 2024. We’re kicking things off with a BANG, because starting NOW players will be able to capture Greenies daily!

Yes, you read that right. Much like POIs, we’ve made the decision to allow greenies to be recaptured each day. Greenies are the backbone of the game, and we want to promote recurring gameplay for all of our players around the world. Our mission has always been to grow the map, and for nearly 13 years our players have excelled at encouraging discovery and outward expansion. In order to help grow our community we want players to be able to maintain and celebrate their local areas as well. We’re constantly impressed with players traveling hours to chase down specials or conquer clan requirements, but we also want to encourage new players to take part in daily gameplay so that they too can advance into more skilled aspects of the game.

While we anticipate this change being permanent, we’re still very actively monitoring gameplay and more than likely there will be some fine tuning on the horizon. Although we understand this is a big change for players who have been with us for more than a decade, we think it’s an important step for the future of the game. As 2024 continues we have even bigger plans ahead, so we appreciate that everyone keeps an open mind and focuses on constructive input. As always, there are a number of ways to play the game of Munzee so we encourage you all to take advantage of the changes to help in your own successes as well! 

You can hear directly from Rob with more information about this change on The Munzee Podcast at or you can find it on all major podcasting platforms.

Thank you all for your support over the years. We’re very excited to show you all what’s next. Munzee on!

EDIT: We’ve added a NEW “Hide Daily Greenies” filter, which will allow players to hide all Greenies they’ve ever captured before to prevent them from reappearing on the map again every day. This option can be found in the Advanced filters section for Premium Members only.