🔔🐮 A Recap of Udderly Awesome Munzee Madness!

It’s been an aMOOzing March, but we wanted to take a moment to recap the 13th annual Munzee Madness events which took place in Buena Park, CA on March 8th and 9th! Munzee enthusiasts from far and wide gathered to partake in a weekend filled with thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences. Cowbells rang, badges were earned, and laughter filled the sunny skies as Munzee Madness 2024 “mooved” in for its 13th annual extravaganza! Here’s a recap of the highlights from this year’s event:

Friday Evening: 

The madness kicked off with a flurry of Munzee adventures at the famous Portillo’s for hot dogs and other delectable yummy food. Seasoned players and newcomers alike jumped in head first, and even got to rub elbows with Rob and Louise! With the promise of outstanding badges and the chance to meet fellow Munzee fanatics, the energy was electric in preparation of the weekend ahead.

Saturday Morning: 

As the day began in William Peak Park anticipation soared for another day of Munzee madness. From capping to hearing hints about upcoming new features, there was no shortage of excitement as players of all ages kicked off a second day of earning badges and racking up points.

Saturday Midday/Evening:

After a midday lunch event at Blaze Pizza, the weekend highlight arrived midday as Munzee Madness reached MEGA status for the afternoon event in Boisseranc Park! The main event was a spectacle. Joined by a number of Munzee teammembers, the event featured exclusive badges, opportunities to connect with fellow players, and a sneak peek at some exciting new features to come! Rob, Lou, and other members of the Munzee Team were on hand to meet and greet participants. At the same time, Seemyshell from the Official Munzee Podcast added to the festivities with his infectious enthusiasm. On top of all of the excitement, players were invited to join a special beta test to get a first look at new features on the way to encourage more daily gameplay and help bring new players to the game!

Virtual Gardens: 

For those unable to join in person, Munzee Madness offered an exciting opportunity to participate from afar with its Official Gardens. Players worldwide obtained spots in these virtual gardens, ensuring that the spirit of Munzee Madness extended as a global celebration of the Munzee community and camaraderie.

**Our pal Seemyshell put together an aMOOzing video recap of the event here! If you watch until the end you might spot a little sneak peak of a new feature Munzee Madness attendees got to test out!

We hope to see you next year. Until then, keep ringing those cowbells and Munzee on!