Ha, Ha, Hopping Greeting Cards!

Get ready to crack up this month with our NEW Greeting Cards! And don’t be fooled—next weekend kicks off a full month of Double Points Weekends, so grab our latest cards to join in the fun and stock up on some returning favorites as well! Keep reading for more info on all the gags and giggles!

Shop the collection HERE or read on to learn more!

New Prank Greeting Cards :

Just in time for April Fool’s Day we have 5 new Limited Edition Pranks cards available HERE!

  • April Fools’ Day pranksters may be lurking. Watch your step because the Banana Peel Card will send you on a pleasant slip!
  • With quite the impersonation the Joke Glasses Card has a disguise hoping to fool you!
  • Wake up, smell the flowers, and brace for a refreshing splash from the Squirting Flower Card!
  • Be careful clownin’ around, you might just break your funny bone with the Tied Shoelaces Card!
  • Hold on tight, the Whoopee Cushion Card will have you flying by the seat of your pants!

Returning Greeting Cards :

Wish everyone a Hoppy Easter around the globe with the help of some past Easter Card favorites! Be sure to fill your basket to the brim for all the egg-citment for the holiday! Shop these cards HERE!

CapOn Bonus Event

Golden Easter Egg Card

But WAIT, there’s an egg-stra Greeting Card that you can earn as well! The Golden Easter Egg can only be earned from CapOns of the previously released Greeting Cards listed below. This is an exclusive card and unavailable for purchase, so deploy some past cards and let the caps flow in for a chance to get yours!

  • Easter Basket Card
  • Green Easter Egg Card
  • Blue Easter Egg Card
  • Pink Easter Egg Card
  • Easter Bunny Card
  • Easter Chick Card
  • Retro Egg Card
  • Hoppy Easter Card
  • MunzPak April 2022 Card
  • Stargazing Card
  • Noodle Recipe Card

You better hop to it, this CapOn Bonus Event will end on Sunday, April 14th at 23:59 MHQ.

Double Points Weekend Reminder!

Double points are active on all Greeting Cards, Flats, Temporary Virtuals, Greenies, and Evos next weekend from Friday April 5 at 00:01 MHQ through Sunday, April 7 at 23:59 MHQ! Stock up to make the most of April’s bonuses!

Looking for a quick tutorial on Greeting Card deployment?

SeeMyShell has got you covered. Check out his tutorial below!