April 2024 Glass Guardian🐉🌊

April has rolled in like a wave, and we’re all geared up to help you reel in the NEW Glass Guardian! If you completed your March capture streak, prepare to receive the Magical Glass Guardian Skin (and corresponding badge) in early April. But what’s lurking in the depths this month will make a splash in your Glass Guardian collection! Read on to learn more.

March Glass Guardian Reminders

If you haven’t picked up a base Glass Guardian yet, they are available in the Freeze Tag Store for $10.

How to have a permanent Guardian on your account next year:

  • Own at least 8 Guardians by the end of the year.
    • Each month, the price of a Guardian will decrease by $1.
    • However, players can only purchase 1 Guardian every 28 days.

April Glass Guardian Details

What Glass Guardian awaits in April? The Serpent Glass Guardian, a titan of the seven seas as ferocious as its Hydra inspiration, tread carefully. The Serpent Glass Guardian is a temporary POB that will remain on the map as long as the players with permanent Glass Guardians continue to use it.

Serpent Glass Guardian

  • Deploy Points: 500
  • Capture Points: 250
  • CapOn Points: 300
Additional Info
  • Available for multi-capture
  • Non-blastable
  • Attracted to both Physical Magnets and Virtual Magnets
  • Filters: “All Limited-Edition Specials” and “All Expiring Specials”

As stated earlier, you’ll need to complete this month’s (April) capture streak to earn this skin. Once the skin is awarded in May, you can change the skin on the hedge to this one at any point! If you need some help refer to our Help Guide article for the instructions on swapping skins.!

You can find this sea serpent at the following landing pads every 6 hours or when captured:

  • Greenies
  • Snake Chinese Zodiac
  • Celtic Adder
  • Mysteries:
    • Water Mystery
  • Aquamarine Munzee
  • Evos:
    • Eggs (Chicken Evo)
    • Egg (Bones Evo)
    • Butterfly
      • Butterfly Egg
    •  Frog
      • Frog Egg
    • Turtle
      • Turtle Egg
    • Bee
      • Bee Eggs
    • Duck
      • Duck Egg
  • Places:
    • POI Beach
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouses
  • Skylands
  • All Bouncer Destinations except Scrap Star

Additionally, when captured, the Serpent Glass Guardian will scatter up to 1-3 NEW Typhoon Marbles nearby!

Typhoon Marble

  • Capture: 50 points
  • CapOn: 50 points


As a reminder, Glass Guardians will have 4 associated badge lines:

  • Unique type deploy badges — you’ll need to earn each month’s skin by keeping your streak up!
  • Overall deploy badges — the more guardians you deploy, the merrier!
  • Unique type capture badges — capture at least 1 of each skinned Glass Guardian!
  • Overall capture badges — capture as many Glass Guardians as you can find!

We’re excited to reveal the unique deploy and capture badges linked with the Serpent Glass Guardians! Check out the Serpent badges below, and stay tuned for more information on overall badge lines soon!

Cap the power of the Serpent Glass Guardian before he slithers into the depths of the abyss!