Player of the Week: Carl Olsen (JasperCottage)

We’re spinning around the globe again this week to congratulate another amazing Player of the Week!

During the month of November, several players stepped up to the challenge of changing the face of men’s health, including this player.  Building one of the first “Mustache Gardens” in Australia, this always helpful Munzee garden designer coordinated with all players in his country to build some amazing Munzee gardens for everyone to enjoy.  A family oriented and pro-active player in the Munzee Australia groups, Carl Olsen knows what’s important to life, and the game of Munzee: having fun, and spending time with his family!  Drop down below the photo to check out this fun and cheeky Player of the Week!

IMAG2910 (2)

Who are you? JasperCottage

Where in the world do you live? Perth, Western Australia

How long have you played Munzee? I Started playing in July 2012

How did you find Munzee?

My wife Cathy had heard of “that other outdoor game” so we went to Kings Park in the city to look for one to see if it was something that would interest us. The very first cache that we found was at the top of the DNA tower and it had a QR code attached to it as well. I downloaded a scanner and scanned it joining up with the same user name. I then checked the map and we got three more before leaving the park. Initially we played as a team but within a month Cathy made her own user name (HideNSeek) and we take our kids out to Munzee as well!

IMAG2205 (2)

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

I play both individually and with my family. Some days it is about points and I go capture what I can but it is also great to explore the map, finding a park you didn’t know existed and exploring the city we live in.

It can be a very social game playing with friends or individually depending on what your preference is. The same for how much you invest financially applies too. It’s the versatility of the game and the progressive improvements that make it interesting. I look forward to seeing what secrets are yet to be revealed.

What is on your wish list?

I am very much looking forward to events going live. I have an idea for a Munzee based car rally treasure hunt that i want to structure around the events once they start.

Also new badges to collect – perhaps a place where suggestions for badges can all go to and one or two are selected each month (is there a badge for player of the week? wink wink lol).

Finally with the Business Munzee: I think at the start of each day they should reappear on the map not always stay red once captured for the first time.

Tell us about yourself!

I have taken on the role of building virtual gardens in Perth when an event or something special comes up. It started with FluffyFish creating a virtual garden in Kings park early this year which filled quickly so I did an extension to add more. since then I have created 5 more, including three separate mustache designs and lately a park and the phrase “MUNZEE?” across a central location in Perth.

Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 11.40.50 AM

Over the last 6 months I have had to travel to the Munzee wilderness in Malaysia and the Philippines where I took the unique opportunity of becoming the number #1 deployer in two countries. Now if someone would just go and capture them 🙂

For normal deploys i have no set way or standard that I use. It varies from posts and poles with stickers, to hanging on fences and my favorite ones would be magnets inside the base of statues in very busy areas, and on the back of a pot plant in a vertical garden with semi cryptic clues to find it. I have learnt you need to be able to look like you are tying your shoelace at a moments notice to not look suspicious in certain areas :).

My favorite Munzee moment came from a dare on Facebook in the at about 1am from Rob to deploy a Munzee or he was getting out his “ban hammer”. There is a mystery in Atwell, Western Australia still called “Rob made me do it” to prove who was the victor on the occasion!

Over the next few months I want to work on getting to the elusive 100,000 points mark and my other goal of chasing down and passing the last of the Munzee team that are ahead of me.

Look out coachV I have my sights set on you 😉

Carl was awesome enough to share his Social Munzee with all our readers! Check it out:

1471230_10151918783603375_1211042129_n Carl's social

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