Updates and Changes

This information supersedes all previous blog posts and information. First, my apologies in advance for lack of detail and information regarding the virtual trail credits released in the store today. This product is removed from the store and on hold until Monday. We will provide more information before that time. For those who purchased the virtual trail credits already they are still in your account. If you use them they are yours. If you would like to exchange/return them after our announcement Monday we will work with each of you. Thank you in advance for understanding.

The rest of the weekend sales have been postponed until we are 100% certain everything goes perfectly. On Monday we will have one sale with many products including the new Surprise Munzee. Please stay tuned for a future blog post with details about the Surprise Munzee and the items/prices for sales.

We, Team Munzee, want to get back to the core of this week and this season. Being Thankful. We are beyond thankful for all of you. You give our servers a workout. You grow the game. You grow the map. Without you there is no game, just a bunch of QR codes waving at passers-by. We’ve given away a few prizes already this week, and thanked premium members with new items and a discount. We CAN do better. SO, we’ve decided to really crank up the prize machine to award more prizes than ever before when you capture munzees (starting NOW). *Social captures are excluded. It will award diamonds, rubies, aquamarines, motels, hotels, and the brand new Virtual Trail credits. This will end Monday morning at 10am MHQ time, when the sale begins.

I would like to assure you, we continue to strive for open communication, perfection in gameplay, and the best game available on the market. We will continue to innovate and build a thriving community. I can’t wait for you to hear our theme for 2016. You will feel the love, as I hope you do today. As always I appreciate each of you for taking the time to read this and playing our game.  Grow the map! — Rob on behalf of Team Munzee