Unfold Destiny: Lunar New Year Fortune Folders 🐉✨

The Lunar New Year has made way, and the dragon has been unleashed into the realm of destiny. Unfold your fortune with the ALL NEW FORTUNE FOLDER! Soar to our Freeze Tag Online Store to shop this new item HERE!

What fortune will the dragons bestow upon you?

Only the Fortune Folder knows!

Much like the Dice Tower and Ratloz, this unique new Munzee will award prizes and also work as a Bouncer Destination. Based on the children’s paper fortune tellers, this Year Of The Dragon themed game piece is sure to hold mystical properties for those brave enough to deploy it!

NEW Fortune Folder – $20

  • Capture 1 Folder every day for 8 consecutive days to uncover your fortune and win a daily prize!
  • Once you receive your Fortune prize, it auto-magnetizes an extra bouncer as a bonus reward!
  • LIMIT: 2 per player
  • SHOP HERE! Available until Friday, March 1st at 12:00 MHQ.

NEW Fortune Folder Details

  • Capture the Fortune Folder once a day to receive a prize
    • It MUST be captured 8 days in a row to receive all 8 prizes, similar to a mailbox and the Dice Tower.
    • You might receive a different prize than others on a given day, but everyone will have received all the same prizes by the end of the 8 days.
    • It will be auto-archived at the end of the 8th day after being deployed.
  • After revealing your fortune to receive a prize, one bouncer will be auto-magnetized to attract 1 bouncer to the Fortune Folder for you to capture
    • NOTE – It may take some time for a bouncer to land, so be sure to check back again soon
  • The Fortune Folder also acts as a standard landing pad, which means you can capture a bouncer anytime it lands there!
  • Other players will also be able to capture your Fortune Folder, but will not receive a prize.
    • Non-owners can also capture it whenever a bouncer is sitting on it.
  • The Fortune Folder may be moved to new locations in order for the owner to keep up with the daily prize captures.
    • NOTE – If a bouncer is sitting on the Fortune Teller Machine when moved, it will be force nudged and removed
Fortune Folder
  • Deploy: 250
  • Capture: 10
  • Pegasus
    • Griffin Pegasus
    • Alicorn Pegasus
    • Nightmare Pegasus
    • Legacy Pegasus
    • Fire Pegasus
  • Fairy
    • Dryad Fairy
    • Wildfire Fairy
    • Sugar Plum Fairy
    • Legacy Fairy
  • Banshee
    • Harpy Banshee
    • Ghost of Christmas Future
    • Legacy Banshee
  • Cherub
  • Ebekol
    • Ebetiivul
    • Ebedobb
  • Puffle
    • Pufrain
    • Puflawn
  • Rubiin
    • Tsitriin
  • Leprechaun
    • Dwarf Leprechaun
    • Goblin Leprechaun
    • LepreCorn
    • Lady Leprechaun
  •  Treefolk
    • Winged Monkey

We’ve created 3 NEW badges to honor the dragon’s year of destiny. Below, you can see what the deploy badge look like, but we’ll keep the rest hidden for now!

Get yours TODAY to unfold tomorrow’s fortune and earn the dragon’s prizes before it’s too late!