The Winner of the 2014 Munzee Photo Contest!

After weeks of photo submissions from our players, the 2014 Munzee Photo Contest has found its winner. Among hundreds of submissions, the top 5 photos were chosen and we invited players to our Facebook page to vote on which image perfectly embodied the Munzee experience. The winner, who captured the photo below, is Luciano Reis (fotoluca) and he found the combination of urban construction and rural landscape to be a perfect balance of Munzee’s wide variety of play. Read on to learn a more about fotoluca and his submission!winner

Luciano Reis


Where you live:
São Francisco, Portugal (Lisbon area).

How long have you played Munzee?
Since 2011.

Where was this photo taken?
Near a small chapel in Samouco.

Why did you choose this photo?
This picture has all the components that you can expect when you Munzee: a beautiful landscape, sunny weather, blue and green. It’s a mix of urban and countryside. It actually speaks for itself.

How does this photo make you think of Munzee?
It’s all about perspective, when we have our Munzee “mode on”, we see the world in another way. Nice weather means nice walks, and of course, more points!

fotoluca would also like to share his social, so cap away!


Thank you again for all of the submissions from our players. It was great to see so many people share their Munzee experience. Don’t stop now though, keep growing the map and sharing your experiences with your fellow Munzers via all social platforms!