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March 26, 2019

Washington Iconic Location Munzees Join the Map!

We’re excited to announce the latest Tourism Munzee destination and welcome the Washington Iconic Locations virtual munzees to the map! Not to be confused with Washington D.C. (which is more than 2,500 miles away), Washington state earns the distinction of being the only state to be named after a United States president, which is why this lovely wigged man is on the icon.

The Washington Iconic Locations join other Tourism Munzees, such as Australia, Great BritainFlorida, California, and more. You can access these special virtual munzees by turning on your Tourism filter!

The Washington Iconic Location virtuals are deployed by an MHQ account based on a database of historical markers that player Jellybean88 helped us put together! Players will earn 50 points when they capture the latest Tourism Munzee in the state that also earns the distinction of housing billionaire Bill Gates, as well as the largest apple production in the country.

Like other Historical and Iconic Location Munzees, these new Tourism munzees will not be blastable. They also will not be accompanied by a distinct set of badges, as captures will instead count towards the Tourism line of badges.

Our Tourism badges are primarily linked to the Historic and Iconic Munzees from different countries around the world, as well as states in the U.S. There are six badges in total, with plans to release more Historic and Iconic Location Munzees in the future, so stay tuned! If you ever come across any Iconic Location or Historic Munzees deployed in the wrong place, please contact support with the name/URL of the munzee and correct information.

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Munzee on!

July 1, 2014

Podcast Episode 19: RMH Spokane Re-Cap, Traveling with Team Munzee, and some Birthday Fun!

We won’t drop the mic on ya, but we might drop your smartphone!

This episode of the Munzee Podcast, we talk about about traveling to Spokane for the RMH event, Munzee’s 3rd birthday plans and announce the total caps of the RMH virtuals!

hat fix

This week’s topics:

1. RMH Spokane event. Getting there was half the adventure (and Dderryberry60 got his first taste of Munzee Events with CoachV)!

2. Pmvogt would like everyone to know: “Go USA!!!!!”

3. Happy Birthday Munzee! We’re turning 3 years old!

4. We “speculate” on several slightly “unexpected” things going down for the month of July. Rover Challenges, Shiny new things in the store, badges, and special icons!

5. The “RMH -Guess the total caps” contest is over! Congrats, Targeteer2k! We’ll contact you via email regarding your awesome prize.

Remember to send all suggestions/feedback for the podcast to: