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August 1, 2016

Final 5th Birthday Photo Submission Winners

July was a great month, and you made our 5th Birthday Month the best yet! We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in various ways throughout the month, and especially those of you who submitted pictures for our photo contest. Our final five winners for the month are:

  • Brookcus
  • Bayareaknitter
  • meganduluth22
  • 2tandogs
  • Batmun

Congratulations! You’ll be contacted soon regarding your prizes. Remember, you can see the photo album on our Google+ Page.

We’ve got a lot coming up in the next few days, so keep your eyes here on the blog for all of the information!

Munzee on!

July 29, 2016

Update on the Birthday Present Special

Sadly, this is the last weekend of Birthday Month. While we hate to watch the celebration come to an end, we know there are bigger and better things to come. In full Munzee spirit, though, we’ve decided to go all out this weekend. If you weren’t aware, we started a Double Point Weekend this morning at 00:01 MHQ time. Of course, that’s not all.

For the remainder of Birthday Month, we’ve also updated the Birthday Specials. We’ve made two big changes to them:

  1. Scatter Radius: While a 5 mile scatter radius was representative of our 5th birthday, it isn’t necessarily ideal for all players. Now, instead of scattering within 5 miles, the Birthday Icons will scatter within 1 mile.
  2. Credit Percentage: There are quite a few items you can earn from the Birthday Icons. We’ve changed up the algorithm to increase the chances of getting Diamond and Ruby credits when you capture the Birthday Icon.

So get out there and help us end Birthday Month with a bang! Have fun, and Munzee on!

July 25, 2016

5th Birthday Photo Submission Winners – July 25th

This past weekend was full of great events, and along with those events come great pictures! Today’s photo submission winners are:

  • fsafranek
  • IanZ
  • Darkneser
  • Navyman43
  • cd2283

Congratulations! You’ll be contacted soon regarding your prizes. Remember, the album can be found on our Google+ page, and we’re updating it constantly.

It’s hard to believe, but there is only one week left of Birthday Month! Let’s make it count! You can submit pictures to with the subject “Munzee’s 5th Birthday”, and the final winners will be drawn on Monday, August 1st, so make sure to get your pictures submitted by then!

Have fun, and Munzee on!

July 20, 2016

Photo Submission Winners – July 20th

We’ve had some great submission for our 5th Birthday Photo Album! From events, to birthday cakes, to just out playing, it’s great to see how our community gets out and celebrates.

Today’s winners are:

  • DJSmith
  • Questing4
  • McAdies
  • johanenpaula
  • Heinerup

Congratulations! The album (which is being added to consistently) can be found here.

There’s still plenty of time to submit pictures, too! To enter, please email your pictures to with the subject “Munzee’s 5th Birthday”. There’s still a third of the month left, and we can’t wait to see what else comes in!

Munzee on!

May 13, 2016

Birthday Events Information

We may be in the middle of the MunzFit events, but we are ready to tell you about our plans for player-hosted July events! We invite you to help us celebrate our 5th Birthday by hosting Munzee Birthday Parties all over the world. This year we will extend the celebrations through the entire month of July!

As with the Christmas and Easter events there are *various packages available, all will give different host badges. The packages are:

  • The Pool Party – Basic event with no proximity ($30)
  • The Dance Party – The Pool Party plus some temporary specials ($35 and up)
  • The Fancy Dress Party – The Dance Party plus Badge & Icon ($135 and up)
  • The Mad Munzee Tea Party – The Fancy Dress Party plus Eventzee ($185 and up)

There will also be an option to add a Birthday Present ($20) which gives a free virtual or credit item to every party attendee.

As always, there will be an Attendee badge and plenty of **surprises with all the details to come! We want these parties to be huge!

Please get your events on the calendar ASAP! We will need time to work on your artwork and other requests.

Let’s get ready to party, Munzee style!

*Specific event package questions will be answered after you begin the process. Step one is getting your event on the calendar!
**Members of Team Munzee look forward to attending as many events as we can. Get your events on the calendar ASAP and get those attendees clicking “I’m Going!” soon so we can plan our destinations.

April 21, 2016

Munzee’s 5th Birthday Bash Details!

Earlier this year, we announced Munzee’s 5th Birthday Bash would be held in the Denver, Colorado area from June 30 through July 4. After planning and getting help from some of our great local players, we’ve got the details to share with you now!

Munzee’s 5th Birthday Bash will be a 5 day extravaganza taking place all around the Denver area. Rob, Matt, Dylan, and Louise are making the trek to the Mile High City for the party! A party is no fun without friends, so we are looking for players and non-players alike who are interested in the following things:

  • Scenic walks next to mountains, rivers, and highways

  • Spinning a yarn over a local craft brew

  • Staring at copper domes and searching for little gnomes

  • Stuffing doughnuts in your face at all hours of the night

  • Searching the old wild west for QR codes

 With 9 Munzee events over 5 days, there is bound to be something for everyone. Imagine the fun when you add Eventzee to the mix, giving everyone the option to compete for prizes in our photo-based scavenger hunts as well. Each of our nine events will have a custom badge. As usual there will be surprise badges, icons, and prizes scattered throughout the party. We will have a mixture of activities at each event for the social player, the points hound, and the adventurous hybrids.

A full schedule can also be found at
We will publish our month-long worldwide birthday plans soon, but you can start thinking now about when you might like to celebrate locally during our birthday month!