Share Your Referral Code and Win Big!

Last week, we shared Munzee Introduction Flyers which allow you to introduce players of other geo-location based games to Munzee. These flyers are editable to include your own referral code to benefit from these new player signups. That will come in handy for our latest competition.

From tomorrow (July 19th) at 00:01 MHQ time through July 31st at 23:59 MHQ time, we will be having a competition using referral codes. After the time period has passed, we calculate the three players who had their referral codes scanned the most*. The winners will receive gift cards to the Munzee Online Store.

Speaking of the online store, we’ve also added a new Munzee Decal with Referral Code to it!


This sticker will be die-cut (similar to the current Munzee Decal) but will also include your own referral code on it! These are available now and are prices 2 for $5. (Because these are custom, they may take a bit longer to ship than generic stickers or decals.) These are just the start to new, personalized stickers you will be able to get!

So get out there and grow the community!  What better time than birthday month?!

Munzee on!

*Please keep in mind: This competition is about growing the Munzee community and game. Checks regarding the legitimacy of the number of scans will be in place, and if a user is found to have cheated in some way, action will be taken. While we don’t like to include this disclaimer, we want to make sure that it is clear and that everyone is competing equally.