💫 Hit Lightspeed With The Scrap Wars Universal! 🚀

The Scrap Wars have engulfed the galaxy, and in support of the Munzdalorian reign, we’re releasing a NEW Universal for you to collect! Get your all new Scrap Wars Universal HERE!

We’ve also got a new collection of Greeting Cards that are sure to amaze, whether on land or in space. Shop the whole Scrap Wars Collection HERE in order to conquer the evil Empire!

Universally United

Unite with your fellow Scrap Wars comrades across the cosmic expanse, whether they be rebel forces or imperial troopers. Effortlessly explore other players’ Universal codes (if available) online, and enable scanning from your spaceship anywhere in the galaxy.

With the best features of both Social and Personal Munzees, players can capture Universals from anywhere, and activity on it earns points. Due to its high value, we are limiting it to one per player. Don’t miss out on this limited edition Universal—available HERE until Monday, June 3rd at 12:00 MHQ.

Celebrate May The Fourth with friends around the Galaxy with an ALL NEW Universal!

A Universal has the same point structure as a regular Personal:

  • Capture: mystery random points 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45
  • CapOn: sum of 50 between player capture and residual
    • Example: player capture = 30, owner residual = 20. Total = 50
  • Deploy: 100 points (only deploy it once with no proximity or expiration!)

**Boosters will have no effect on Universal points.

You can find your Universal in the My Social Munzees section of the app, or the corresponding page on the website.

Like other Universals, these will be auto-deployed upon purchase!

For more information, check out the Help Guide article.

Space Saga Supplies

We’ve also assembled a collection of greeting cards to ensure you’re prepared for the long-haul! The May The Fourth Be With You Card will keep luck on your side while One In A Million Shot Card helps you incinerate your targets. And when the battlefield blues get you down, the Looking for Love In Alderaan Places Card will remind you of the beauty that was once was.

After the space battles have subsided, you’ll appreciate an additional three cards celebrating some of the fantastical new features we’ve introduced! The Cappy To Meet You Card is perfect for new friends you meet on your Daily Strolls. The Superstar Card is for shouting out your best and brightest buddies. Finally the Well Wishes Card will give you a chance to grant good graces to those near and dear! 

Rebel Resupply Station

You can shop the for the new Universal and Holo-Greeting Cards in the Scrap Wars collection HERE, where you can also find a number of other themed items like Scrap Wars decals, a T-Shirt, and the return of ARF2D2 and ZEE-3P0 Mechz!

Don’t forget Double Points Weekend has kicked off for Mailbox owners, so you’ll want to stock up on starfield essentials for the next wave of attack as well. Visit the DPW Collection and shop NOW before the empire strikes back!

May The Fourth Be With You and #MunzeeOn!