⚡️Quick Grow Credits – Accelerate Your Munzee Evolution!!✨

You better be ready to turbocharge your Munzee experience because we’re thrilled to introduce – Quick Grow Credits! Quick Grow is a game-changer for Evolution Munzees that have a bouncer as their final stage. With just one Quick Grow Credit, you can instantly deploy one of the final stage Evolution Bouncers! No more waiting around – get straight to the action and bounce around the map quicker than ever before. Visit our online store to get your Quick Grow Credits in convenient packs of 10 for just $5 (limit 2 every 14 days).

How to use Quick Grow Credits: 

  1. Visit the Munzee details page of an Evolution Munzee deployed on your account.
  2. If you’re using the website, look for the “More” section on the right side.
  3. If your Evolution Munzee is eligible, you’ll see a green [Quick Grow] button – click it!
    1. Note – Quick Grow credits can only be used on Evolution Munzees that you own.
  4. Confirm your decision to use the credit, and in just a few minutes, the Evolution Bouncer will be deployed on your account.

In-App Screenshots

Find the new [Quick Grow] button located in the app for eligible Evolution Munzees that you own!

Website Screenshots

The [Quick Grow] button on the website will be located in the bottom right-hand corner under the “More” section.

The Quick Grow credit will not advance the stages of your evolution Munzee, it only advances the deploy of the bouncer. This evolution Munzee will be available for use of an evolution reset credit at the end of the natural timer of evolution. A Quick Grow credit may only be used once per natural evolution through the stages of the Munzee. To spawn a new bouncer, an evolution reset credit must be used to reset the evolution process.

Evolve faster, and bounce quicker, like you never have before with Quick Grow – grab yours to level up today!


***All premium members received one QG credit earlier today! Thank you for your support of Munzee! (*non-trial premium members only)