Munzee Player of the Week: Reimar Kuepper (ReMiKu)

Quiet, persistent, and amazing… Words to describe the world’s “#2” Munzee player, and the second player to ever hit 1 million points!  Top spot on the leader boards isn’t anything to shake a stick at, and neither is this week’s POTW!  We’re happy to honor one of the biggest international players, Reimar Kuepper, as Player of the Week!  As we wish ReMiKu a Happy-Happy Birthday this week, let’s all get to know this unstoppable Munzee hunter through the interview below!

Who are you?
My Name is Reimar Kuepper but most people know my by my nickname ReMiKu.
Where in the world do you live?   
In Cologne, North-Rhine-Westafalia, Germany. I’m proud that I can say in one the the Munzee capitals in this world 😉 Have a short look here:
How long have you played Munzee?  
Today, as I write this, for 947 Days. It was the 4th of October in 2011. Feels like a few weeks ago.
How did you find Munzee?  
I found an article in an online mag about app. Too sad that I don’t remember which one it was, I would love to have a copy of that article. I used to be interested in other scavenger hunts where you get dirty and stuff (somehow I don’t remember the name of that game anymore), so this article was pretty interesting. After downloading the app I saw that there were a few Munzees in my area. I kept it in mind and a few days later I did my first capture. Tough times back in the beginning when I drove miles for a single Greenie. As you can see in the Munzee Map of my Hometown that I don’t have to go very far now (but I still do) 😉
What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Hmmmh…the first thing that comes into my mind is the “social part”. Interacting and communicating with other people through this platform/game is a great booster for me. The Clans, and the Clan Wars of course, completed this for me. We found a game where we can go together, have fun, create fields and have a little “after work” drink. The Clan where I belong to (Check out Clan Cologne here: ) is a collection of a weird bunch of people that enjoy the game as much as I do. Nevertheless lots of other players (and now friends of mine) in different cities, states or countries complete my “Munzee world”. And yes…..the game itself is also pretty catchy.
I almost forgot: Munzee events! Events are very cool! Of course I love meeting other fellow Munzers out there in the field, and definitely like meeting them at events. The last European Meeting in Cologne was a huge success and I’m thankful for the organization of that event that I have the possibility to meet so many other Munzers in one place. BTW…the next European Event is coming up and I (and lots of others) will be there as well. Please check this link for additional information:
What is on your wish list?
Because I deploy quite a lot of Munzees, I would love a organizing tool or a section on the Munzee website where I can have a better overview of my deploys (Editor’s note: Very Interesting Suggestion…Hmmmm…). Due to the amount of munzees I sometimes have to repair them and I would love to have a little online help to mark them and create some kind of “repair tours”. Also Statistics works great for finding out which Munzee has been frequented by who and how often etc… I surely want more badges…I really like the badge idea to earn something special. Can’t wait for territory badges like countries, states or cities.
Tell us about yourself!
Well….I’m 42 years “old” and addicted to this game. I really like to set goals for me and try to achieve them…in a easy and funny way. I’m surely passionate when it comes to achieving my Munzee goals, but fun ALWAYS comes first. I really like enjoying what I’m doing. If you’re in Cologne and need a little guidance…drop me a line on FB or thru the Munzee Messaging system! I’m glad to show you around or give you some additional info regarding my area.
Other hobbies include;
Travel, travel and sometimes travel. I really like to see new places and meet the people who live there. So always keep an eye open…you never know if I’m just around the corner 🙂
I would really like to thank the creators of Munzee for giving us such a fun game.  In good times or bad, they push forward with their ideas and goals for Munzee, giving players the opportunity to play, and every day is a good Munzee day. Special Thanks of course to all the players in my Clan, my Area and my Munzee friends! Without you this game hasn’t been so successful to me as it is right now!
Even though today is all about you, ReMiKu, thank you so much for the kind words!  Now let’s have everyone wish you a wonderful week by getting the Munzee community to capture your Social below!

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