Munzee Online Store Pricing Changes

Hey, everyone!

We hope you enjoyed our Cyber MunzDay specials and the release of the Cyclops. The staff at MHQ didn’t waste any time trying to cap your Cyclops Munzees that came our way so we could send them off to see the world. The Munzee Online Store has just come back online, and there’s a reason it was down for an extended period of time.

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at the game and its pieces. We want to continue growing the game while making it even more accessible to everyone. Part of that is changing the pricing of some of our items.

We won’t list everything, but many products, including generic stickers, Virtual Resorts, and jewels, now have lower prices than before Cyber MunzDay.

Moving forward, you may see new prices for other items as well.

We hope you enjoy these changes and it helps you grow the game! We appreciate you and your efforts in spreading the word about Munzee!

Munzee on!