Munzee Events in 2024!

It’s almost 2024, where has the year gone?!?

We’re so excited to look back on events over the past few years. We’ve seen players gathering together monthly for local events and building communities that enjoy playing Munzee together. Players around the world deploy at events, big and small, to make every event unique and special.

No More Monthly Events

In 2024, we’re going to move away from the monthly events system we’ve used the past two years. The goal was to increase event attendance and the number of events. We feel successful in what we’ve accomplished in this area. We’d like to focus on making events more special and have them feel less like a “requirement” just to earn a badge or gift for the hosts. We understand the pressure some felt to keep hosting events month after month, sometimes with very little help.

In 2024, we will have several special event packages throughout the year, like our current Christmas event package. The first special package will be for the month of February. We encourage players to gather as often as you like, while we return to this system of events from years ago. We will offer the ability for hosts to add custom badges and icons to any events if they like. Our hope with this change is to bring players together for special occasions as often as you like. We will continue to have double point weekends each month, so don’t worry about that!

Upcoming Event Credits!

In 2024, we’re also going to introduce a new reward credit to the event ecosystem. By attending events and capping Event Munzees you’ll be able to earn special credits to use a special section of our Redeem Store! There will be some unique rewards and also current rewards at reduced rates. We hope this will encourage all to attend events, and provide value beyond just the points you receive on that day. The best part of events is often the time spent with other players, but extra rewards certainly won’t hurt!

Updates to Mega Events

In terms of Mega events, we’re going to tweak how this is handled as well. No one will “apply” for mega event status. It will be earned through attendance, then credited by our team after the events have ended. There will be a special new badge for Mega events that have 50 attendees. Will we see events return to more than 100 players in 2024? If so, will there be a special badge for that? Only time will tell, so who will organize the first event that “goes Mega” in 2024?

We know there are some traditional yearly events that have more than 50 attendees and expect they will continue, so we are very excited to offer this NEW badge to celebrate their hard work. We will keep an eye on the calendar for how many have marked “will attend” and will promote these events for any who may want to earn these special new event badges.

We can already see on the calendar some of our annual events are ready to continue.

  • Munzee Mecca, January 12-14 in Orlando, Florida – CALENDAR LINK
  • Munzee Madness, March 8-9 in Fullerton, California – CALENDAR LINK
  • Munzee Mania, May 10-12 near Minneapolis, Minnesota – CALENDAR LINK

Now that we’ve released this information we look forward to seeing events added all over the world and celebrate with you in 2024. Thank you for being a part of our global community!