Motel and Hotel Updates!

We’re excited to announce that a point update for Motel and Hotel Munzees will go into effect at 00:01 MHQ on Thursday September 6, 2018. The point system for all Captures, Deploys and CapOns been increased as well as a decrease on the radius required between Motel/Hotel deploys.

In addition all Motel and Hotel Rooms currently occupied by “inactive” players (have had no account activity in 365 or more days) will be archived. We expect this will effect many Munzees and open new rooms to be owned by current active players! Please note that currently there is no increase in the point systems for Virtual Resorts or Timeshare Munzees.

In order to help you take advantage of these new points and radius reductions we’ve put together a quick sale. Use discount code GetRooms at checkout in order to receive 25% off Physical Hotel, Physical Motel, or 50 count Micro Generic stickers. The micro generic stickers are great for those of you with motel and hotel credits to use! This discount code is only good through Friday at 23:59 MHQ time. This is a great opportunity for this month’s Clan Wars requirements, so make the most of this update AND sale!

Motel Points*

  • Motel Deploy: 50 points
  • Room Deploy: 25 points
  • Capture: 10 points + 10 points for each room filled
  • Motel CapOn: 10 points + 10 for each room filled
  • Room CapOn: 5
  • Deploy Radius: reduced to 750 feet from other Motels

Hotel Points*

  • Hotel Deploy: 75 points
  • Room Deploy: 50 points
  • Capture: 20 points + 8 for each room filled
  • Hotel CapOn: 20 points + 8 for each room filled
  • Room CapOn: 5 points per room
  • Deploy Radius: reduced to 2,000 feet from other Hotels


*To be transparent and perfectly honest, the point updates are our interpretation based on translating code language to math and/or English. The Destination Munzee point system is very intricate and a bit tough to explain from the blog writer’s perspective. Please let us know if there are areas that need to be explained more thoroughly. We are 100% certain you will get MORE points after this update though! Feel free to help us fill this in correctly. Thank you for your understanding!