🧲💈Polar Opposites Attract For Magnet Bonus Weekend! 🌎 🧲

All the toy-making activity in the North Pole, combined with the subzero temperatures of the South Pole, has created a magnetic field that’s boosted all the Magnets around the world! Make the most of our Magnetic Poles weekend with an attractive NEW pack that’ll help you on your way to earning the limited time badge for this event. And if you survived No Shave November, we’ve got a perfect new Places Munzee for you to seek out next! Here’s a hint- the icon for this new place may also remind you of the North Pole… We’ve also got ALL NEW Stamps to help deliver Greeting Cards from yesteryear this holiday ZEEson!

Read on to find out more!

Boosted Double Magnet Event

From the period of Friday, December 15th at 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, December 17th at 23:59 MHQ, enjoy double magnet effectiveness (meaning, magnets will attract TWICE the number of bouncers) AND double capacity on all magnetizable landing pads, including Treehouses, Skylands, and Temporary Destinations!

Remember that since Premium Members now attract 4 bouncers with normal magnet usage and 7 bouncers when magnetizing a Landing Pad destination, when doubled they’ll attract 8 and 14 bouncers, respectively!

For a limited time during the same period as the boosted magnet event, you can earn the special badge shown below:

Newly Released Goodies!

We’ve put together a new pack to help you take advantage of the boosted magnet event, but only for a limited time this weekend! Alongside that attractive offer, we’ve also launched a new Barbershop Places Munzee for your deploying pleasure! And remember all of those past mailbox cards you’ve collected? You can now redeem to deploy them and other past Greeting Cards using Stamps!

  • Magnetic Poles Pack – $7.50
    • 3 Physical Magnets
    • 3 Virtual Magnets
    • 1 GingerBounce House (Temporary Destination)
  • Barbershop POI – $10
    • New Places Munzee featuring hair and nail salons!
    • Learn more below 🔽
  • Stamps (12 Pack) – $4
    • New Credit that allows you to redeem for past deployed
      Limited Edition Greeting Cards!
    • Learn more below 🔽
  • ZeeQRew Stamps (40 Pack) – $10

NEW Barbershop Places Munzee

This new Places Munzee is all about hairy nails! Well, not hairy nails themselves, but hair and nail salons specifically! We can’t wait to see photos of your fresh new cuts and stylish claws while stopping by to capture this new Munzee type. Shop HERE! The Barbershop POI must be deployed at least 2,000 ft away from others of the same type. Limited to one per account per 15 days, like the other Places.

For more details about daily capturable Places Munzees and others like it, visit our Help Guide.


NEW Stamp Credits

Have a growing collection of mailbox cards and other past Limited Edition Greeting Cards you wish you could deploy again? Now you can, with the introduction of Stamps! Similar to Mech Blueprints and Cogs, if you’ve ever owned or deployed a Greeting Card in the past, you’ll have the ability to redeem another copy of select cards to deploy again using Stamp Credits. To keep things simple and easy, the majority of cards will only cost 1 Stamp to redeem. Depending on the rarity and value of the card, some may require more Stamps. SHOP HERE!

You’ll notice a new Greeting Cards section in the Redeem Store where these cards will be available to redeem. But don’t panic if you don’t see all of the cards you’ve deployed before! Since there are quite a few past cards, we’ve decided to roll them out in chunks. To start off we’ve added past Winter/Holiday/Christmas one-off cards and Mailbox Greeting Cards from previous years to start for now. As the year goes on we’ll continue to add more! Note that some special or event-specific cards may not be redeemable again. Learn more about Stamps in the Help Guide.

We hope this drums up some excitement to be able to essentially resurrect old Greeting Cards you’ve collected in the past!

Munzee on!