It’s the Great Pumpkin Evolution!

It’s the spooky season and a time honored tradition is to get a pumpkin and carve a Jack O’Lantern. These gourds are also used to make a special pumpkin pie many Americans associate with the fall and other traditional holiday celebrations. MHQ is proud to bring the Pumpkin Evo into our Farm Set Evolutions and is available now through the Freeze Tag Store!

Here’s an example of one of the stage 5 bouncer options!

We’ve also made an adjustment to streaks and now ALL Evolution Munzees with bouncers (Pumpkin, Bees, Turtles, etc) will earn a deploy for the day the bouncer is spawned. This means that you’ll want to take advantage of Evo Reset Credits in order to get the most out of your Evolution Munzees!

NEW Farm Set Evolution Munzee

This Evolution is a bit different from the previous Farm Set Evolutions, as there are 5 stages total, versus the usual 3. Here is an explanation of the timeframe for this munzee.

  • Stage 1 to Stage 2: after 5 days (5 days total)
  • Stage 2 to Stage 3: after 14 days (19 days total)
  • Stage 3 to Stage 4: after 56 days (75 days total)
  • Stage 4 permanent on map unless Reset to stage one
  • Stage 5 will exist for 45 days or 10 captures, whichever happens first, at which time the temporary Pumpkin POB will be archived.

Once these Evolutions reach Stage 4, a temporary POB will be launched, which is Stage 5. The three variants of Stage 5 Pumpkins will bounce to both physical and virtual landing pads every 8 hours. They have the option of emerging as one of the three different species shown below:

Once Stage 5 is reached on the 75th day, it will remain that way on the map — unless of course, it is reset with an Evolution Reset Credit.

The point values for the pumpkin fall in line with other 5 stage evolution types.

    • Stage 1: Cap: 50, CapOn: 30
    • Stage 2: Cap: 40, CapOn: 20
    • Stage 3: Cap: 45, CapOn: 25
    • Stage 4: Cap: 40, CapOn: 30
    • Stage 5: Cap: 150, CapOn: 50, Host CapOn: 50

The 5th stage pumpkin evo bouncers will land on a vast array of Munzees including:

  • Greenie
  • All Farm Evolution Munzees
  • Seasonal
  • All Flats
  • Citrine
  • Earth Mystery
  • Water Mystery
  • All Virtual Colors
  • Treehouse
  • Skyland

To access these munzees, turn on your “Evolution” filters. They will count toward Evolution Capture and Deploy badges.

We hope these new munzees breathe new life into the Farm Set and continue to make farming fun!

Munzee on!