Introducing the Rainbow Unicorn!

As many of you probably know, we like chasing Mythological Munzees quite a bit. It isn’t a surprise to see Rob, Matt, or other members of Team Munzee capture your Mythological and leave a funny (or so we think) picture on it. We want to see the same thing, too. You know us, though. We like to stand out a bit. That’s where the Rainbow Unicorn comes in.

These Rainbow Unicorn Mythological Munzees (or as they’re known around MHQ, “AlternaMyths”) are a bit different than the Unicorns currently out in the wild. Rainbow Unicorns will be deployed by members of Team MHQ exclusively.

Tomorrow (September 22nd) at 00:01 MHQ time, 20 Rainbow Unicorns (1 on each Team Munzee members’ account) will be deployed. Looks aren’t the only difference, though. For capturing a Rainbow Unicorn, you will earn 200 points. Owners of the host munzee will also earn double the points of normal Unicorns (e.g. if the Rainbow Unicorn lands on a Shamrock, the owner will receive 34 points; if it lands on a greenie, the owner will earn 12 points).

Some things don’t change between the Unicorn and the Rainbow Unicorn, though. As noted above, Rainbow Unicorns will land on both greenies and Shamrocks. They will still bounce every 12 hours or when captured. And, of course, Rainbow Unicorns will be attracted by Magnets.

Have fun chasing our Rainbow Unicorns, and make sure to leave pictures for us!

Munzee on!