Light The Way With Flat Flashlight Scatters

Ah, to be young again and read with a flashlight under the covers! NanZEE Drew books were definitely among the titles Tamara enjoyed that way, and she wants to celebrate this pastime before the holidays are over with Flat Flashlight scatters! So crack open a book, flick on that flashlight, and sneak in a quick read while you’re waiting for Santa to come!

Limited Time Scatter Details

From the period of Thursday, December 21st at 12:00 MHQ through Sunday, December 24th at 23:59 MHQ, when you capture a Flat Flashlight, up to 3 Themed Flashlights may be scattered nearby!

As before, the Flashlights will be visible to any player and will be deployed on the Flat Flashlight owner’s account. This means that unlike Feathers/Boulders, there are CapOn points for the owner! They expire after 120 minutes, have a capture radius of 300 feet, and you’ll be able to use Rover Treats to capture them as well! These flashlight scatters will NOT count for deploy streaks, ZeeOps, or clan activity since they are passive deploys.

The rewards for Themed Flashlights are as follows:

  • Capture: 50 points
  • CapOn: 25 points

For more information about Flat Flashlight, check out our Help Guide article!


We’ve created 1 new badge for this special period. In addition, if you missed out on the badges from last year’s event, you’ll be able to earn them as well. You can see what these badges look like below. Make sure you cap as many Themed Flashlights as you can to receive all 3 badges!

Flash Discount!

Need more Flat Flashlights near you? We’ve got a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” discount you can use at the Freeze Tag Store! You must add 3 Flat Flashlights to your cart to use it, and are limited to 2 uses per order (in other words — put 6 in the cart, pay for 4, 2 are free). There is NO CODE required — the discount should apply automatically! This discount will be valid for the same time period as the scatters mentioned above.

We hope you enjoy more holiday lights this year, and that you don’t find the new badge to be too dark!

Munzee on!